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EEA Monthly Zoom Shows for Enterprise Engagement Strategic and Tactical Learning and Sharing

The virtual training center for Enterprise Engagement education and Stakeholder Capitalism principles. Click here for the Enterprise Engagement and Human Capital YouTube channel featuring the latest library of shows. 

The objective of these EEA Zoom Shows is to 1) Provide attendees in all areas of organizational management and academics an easy step-by-step understanding of enterprise engagement implementation and what CEO’s should consider doing now that can have a big impact on revenue, profitability and experiences while saving money, and to 2) Prepare professionals for the new set of  human capital management, metrics, and formal engagement skills required in the era of Stakeholder Capitalism and the need to address all people from customers and employees to supply chain and distribution partners and communities. All EEA Zoom shows are now available on the Enterprise Engagement Alliance's Youtube channel

Overview of the EEA Zoom Show Series

The need. The implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism principles to achieve sustainable goals through an enterprise approach to engagement that requires: a new understanding of human economics and value creation at the highest level as well as tactical application of current engagement tools to achieve measurable and sustainable results. These Zoom shows also provide useful background for those seeking Enterprise Engagement Alliance engagement certifications
Background. To meet the need for a formal education platform on the implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism principles as well as an enterprise approach to engaging all stakeholders, the EEA has created two monthly programs for professionals in all areas of business, including marketing, sales, human resources, finance, operations, community engagement, etc., seeking to achieve more measurable results from traditional external and internal marketing, communications, and other engagement efforts. 
The objectives. To provide attendees an easy step-by-step understanding of what CEO’s should consider doing now that can have a big impact on revenue, profitability and experiences while saving money and preparing professionals for the new set of skills required. 
Two tiers of programs. The programs consist of Strategic sessions on broad issues of Enterprise Engagement and Stakeholder Capitalism with leading experts; tactical sessions on implementation of multiples types of engagement solutions and on the power and methods of brand storytelling. 

Scheduled Strategic EEA Zoom Shows

Thursday, Sept. 10 at 1 pm ET US: Human Capital Management, Metrics, and the Emerging Role of the CEO. Register Now.
Summary: The new focus on human capital management and metrics, and the need to create a more tangible return on investments in people, is creating a new opportunity for CFOs to add value to their organizations. This EEA Zoom Show brings together panelists with extensive experience in finance to discuss the opportunities and challenges.
This webinar will get the viewpoints of leading CFO experts on the following subjects:
· What is human capital management, metrics, and HR analytics and why CFOs should care?
· What is the current state of human capital management, metrics, and prescriptive analytics in business today as it relates to measuring the ROI of expenditures on people, including customers?
· To what extent are organizations focusing on creating more value through their customers, employees and other stakeholders through their external and internal communications and engagement activities?
· Can organizations benefit from better human capital scorecards that can be meaningful for management and how to make sure that the right information gets into the right hands?
· Are organizations adequately measuring their internal and external people engagement efforts—human resources and marketing programs?
· What are Corporate Responsibility Reports and will organizations be increasingly pressured to publish them?
· What types of human capital disclosure are on the horizon and where?
· To what degree are human capital issues being addressed in mergers and acquisitions?
· The potential impact ISO 30414 human capital standards and how these and others could affect investor and regulatory disclosures?
Speakers· Dave Bookbinder, Senior Director at CFGI, (a leading accounting advisory company) and author of The New ROI: Return on Individuals; Glen Hartenbaum, CFO, Gemini Bakery Equipment Company; Jim Caruso, CFO, Simplura Health Group; Kimberly Lanier, Associate Director, Organizational Transformation, Protiviti

Scheduled Tactical EEA Zoom Shows

Sept. 25, 1 pm ET US
Tactical Session: Sales Incentives Effective Design
Experts:  Allan Schweyer, EEA Curriculum Director and IRF Chief Academic Advisor; Todd Hanson, President, Catalyst Performance Group, and ROI measurement specialist, and Lincoln Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, HMI Performance and Incentives. 
Brand stories: Weber, Callaway, and Alex & Ani. With guest brand expert Kevin J. Kolman, M.S., Weber Head Grill Master, Weber-Stephen Products LLC
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Oct. 22, 1 pm ET US
Tactical Session: Employee Engagement Effective Practices
Experts: Mike Anderson, CEO, Cultural Transportation and former CHRO for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development; Al Cini, CEO Founder, BCAT Brand Alignment; Peter Goldberger, Senior Partner, Incentive Team, and Todd Hanson, President, Catalyst Performance Group. 
Brand stories: Bulova, Samsung, TaylorMade. With guest brand expert Ryan DeGrand, Principal, Pro Am. 
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EEA Zoom Show Library

Here are recordings of past EEA Zoom shows.

May 2020: Human Capital Management and Metrics and ROI of Engagement. Click here for the show.
A practical guide to the application of human capital management strategies, metrics, and return-on-investment measurement processes. 
Speakers: Gary Rhoads, CEO Xvoyant; Professor Emeritus, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Marriott Graduate School of Business, Brigham Young University; and EEA Academic Advisor; Bruce Bolger, Founder of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, and Todd Hanson, President of Catalyst Performance Group and EEA advisor on Business Operating Systems and engagement return-on-investment. 

June 15, 2020:  EEA Certification Preparation: Introduction to Enterprise Engagement. Click here for the show.
This is the first of five online classes for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Certified Engagement Practitioner learning program. It provides an introduction to the principles, econonomics, and economic framework for achieving organizational goals by fostering the proactive involvement of all stakeholders. All other training courses for this program are available to EEA members only.
June 16, 12 pm-12:30 pm ET: Stakeholder Capitalism, Human Capital Management, and the Opportunity for HR With Dave Ulrich. Click here for the recording.
Investors, consumers, talent, and now the Covid-19 crisis have put increasing pressure on CEOs to have a strategic and systematic approach to managing human capital. This session addresses the emerging topic of Stakeholder Capitalism being espoused by an increasing number of influential leaders, including the World Economic Forum, the Business Roundtable, Paul Tudor Jones and his JUST Capital outreach organization, The Embankment Project, and many more, and how it promises to affect the management of people in the coming years. This session will address the new focus on people and what skills CEOs and management will need to master. Topics covered include making the business case for HR; the need for strategic engagement solutions, and much more.
Speaker: David Ulrich, Speaker, Author, Professor Thought Leader on human resources management, leadership, and organizational management. 

June 24, 1 pm-2 pm ET US: How to Educate the C-Suite on the Importance of Human Capital Management, Metrics, and Engagement. Click here for the show.
Summary: This session focuses on the role human resources or other management can play in: helping CEOs develop and implement a human capital management strategy with clear 
metrics; providing better measurement of HR practices; contributing to the publication of Corporate Responsibility Reports, and even assisting CEOs with human capital merger and acquisition assessments. What does HR need to make the case for a strategic and systematic approach to people management. What does HR need to do as a profession to profit from these opportunities? What types of skills will they need? 
Speakers:  Amy Armitage, Chair, Human Capital Investment & Reporting Council, Program Director,The Conference Board; Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance, London Business School, and author of Grow the PieSonia Consiglio Favaretto, UNGC SDG Pioneer/Chair of the Global Reporting Initiative Brazil Advisory Board/ Vice-chair of the CDP Board; Laura Queen, EdD, CEO,, a mid-market M&A advisory firm focusing on human capital risk analysis, with 20-plus years in HR management. 

July 15, 1 pm-2pm ET US: Strategic Culture: Beyond the Warm and Fuzzy. Click here for the show.
Summary: Over the last two decades, hundreds of books have focused on leadership and culture, and many CEOs at companies of all sizes have hired coaches to help improve their management styles. And yet, after 20 years or more of talk, probably no more than 20% of organizations have a strategic approach to culture management—i.e., a CE0-led plan that drives a consensus-based brand promise, values, culture, and objectives through a formal process across the enterprise. The result—almost no change in customer and employee engagement. Panelists address why most companies do little more than pay lip service to culture; the potential cost of that oversight; and what can be done about it.
Speakers: Dr. Paul White, Founder, Appreciation at Work,a leader in culture through genuine appreciation; Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance, London Business School and author of the recently published, Grow the Pie, who will be sharing his research on the economic benefits of engagement but also a new equation for making decisions based on smarter human-capital analytics; Gary Rhoads, CEO of, and Professor Emeritus, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Marriott Graduate School of Business, who will provide the perspective of an early pioneer in Enterprise Engagement as creator of Allegiance, now MaritzCX, a customer experience company, and more recently of Xvoyant, a sales engagement SaaS platform that is yielding fascinating insights on sales behaviour based on empirical data; and Barbara Porter, Managing Director, EY, who has managed culture both as a CEO of her own company and as an advisor to many others. 

July 22, 1 pm ET US: Advertising and Marketing in the Era of Authenticity. Click here for the show.
Summary: This Zoom Show features leaders in branding, marketing, and advertising to discuss the future of marketing and advertising in the time of Covid-19. On the one hand, the severe economic downturn and increasing push to digital is squeezing margins for agencies, and on the other hand, consumers have become even more skeptical about companies and are demanding a greater focus on people and authenticity: 70% of respondents to a recent JUST Capital/Harris Poll say they prefer to do business, work for, or do business with people-focused businesses. This Zoom show addresses the potential impact of this collision of trends on advertising and marketing. Does the field of advertising and marketing field have a transformative opportunity in the era of authenticity and purpose? Are clients ready to be challenged to use the powerful tools of advertising and marketing to focus not only telling the truth and helping people in their campaigns, but on keeping their promises? Are marketers ready to build internal and distribution partner engagement and promise delivery into every “campaign?” 
Speakers: Matthew Della CrocePresident Global and Corporate for Allison PartnersSatish Kordea brand strategy consultant and formerly CEO of GTBand Allan SteinmetzCEO, Founder, Inward Consulting, will join EEA Zoom show host Bruce Bolger, Enterprise Engagement Alliance at founder, on how the advertising and marketing field can adapt to the new focus on authenticity and purpose.

Aug 12, 1 pm-2pm ET US: Strategic Track | Business Operating Systems – The Perfect Prescription for a Better Business? Click here for the show.
Summary: Smart leaders and great organizations have used Business Operating Systems (BOS) for decades to achieve their goals more predictably. Yet most small businesses aren’t aware of these systems or how they can be applied to addressing real-life issues—such as how to pivot to new opportunities after a sudden pandemic. A Business Operating System is a set of simple, yet powerful tools that helps leadership make better decisions, achieve greater results, foster alignment, save money, continuously improve, and create higher quality experiences for all stakeholders, starting with the CEO.
This EEA Zoom show is designed for management in any of the following situations:
  • Current business opportunities or challenges require rapid reorganization or pivoting of products, services, or the business model.
  • You have hit a ceiling and can’t quite get to the next level.
  • You’ve run out of fun. The business you once loved is killing you.
  • There is growing pressure to run businesses in a more people-centric way and report those efforts to key stakeholders.
  • You are curious about better ways to grow an organization.
This show features both an expert in Business Operating Systems and the CEO of a leading event company who  will explain how his organization is using a BOS to rapidly pivot to take advantage of new opportunities in virtual meetings. 
Speakers: Todd Hanson, President, Catalyst Performance Group, a leader in Business Operating Systems and Engagement ROI; Allin Foulkrod, CEO and Founder, Creative Visions, a leading Raleigh, NC-based strategic event and media solution company, and Bob Pankratz, CEO and Founder
Technosis, Inc., an information technology agency.

Aug. 13, 1 pm-2pm ET US: Tactical Track | The Art of Brand Media, Experiences, and Surprise and Delight. Click here for the recording. 
Summary: This program addresses the growing concept of brand media—the selective use of brands for incentive, recognition, loyalty, promotion, gifting and amenities program—and the increasingly popular concept of surprise and delight gifting. Attendees will get a fresh perspective on the story telling power of brands. 
Experts: John Geysen, Product Marketing Manager, HMI Performance Incentives; Cary Goldman, Director, National Accounts; 1-800FLOWERS.COM;  Barb Hendrickson, Visible Communications, and co-author of the “Principles of Results-Based Program Design,” published by the Incentive Marketing Association; and Marc Matthews, CEO and Founder, Pulse Experiential Travel.

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