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EmployeeLife Survey Platform Designed for Speed and Low Cost

Published: Sep 6, 2017

The EmployeeLife survey creation and management tool is designed to provide human resource consultants and departments a low-cost way to conduct employee engagement surveys. Developed by the Optimum Consulting Group in Brisbane, Australia, EmployeeLife reportedly enables companies to... [ read more ]

Worktango Launches Real-Time Feedback Tool

Published: Aug 22, 2017

Toronto-based Worktango has introduced Worktango Pulse, a real-time employee feedback tool on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Worktango is an engagement software and consulting firm launched by Rob Catalano and Nadir Ebrahim, formerly of Achievers. ... [ read more ]

Applaudit Social Recognition Tool

Published: Mar 27, 2017

Next Level Performance, a Dittman Company, recently launched a new online social recognition solution called Applaudit to help organizations engage and motivate their people. NLP says ... [ read more ]

Maritz Introduces Decision Sciences to Consumer Brand Loyalty

Published: Mar 27, 2017

Maritz Motivation Solutions recently introduced decision sciences to the loyalty space, providing marketers with next-generation insights to predict consumer behavior. Decision sciences combines traditional data analytics with behavioral science to uncover leading indicators... [ read more ]

theEMPLOYEEapp Mobile Engagement Solution

Published: May 9, 2016

theEMPLOYEEapp is an internal communications and employee engagement mobile solution that allows any organization to have its own native app on Apple and Android mobile devices ... [ read more ]

Ceridian and WorkAngel Announce Engagement/Wellness Solution

Published: Nov 2, 2015

Human capital management technology firm Ceridian has partnered with WorkAngel, an employee engagement and retention platform, to offer what they call "a mobile employee engagement and wellness solution." According to a recent press release, the platform provides users with... [ read more ]

Pat on the Back Software Inspired by Experience

Published: Oct 12, 2015

As one can see from the growing number of new engagement products featured on ESM, many are the inspiration of businesspeople and entrepreneurs who over the years realized that people were critical to their success. The Pat on the Back recognition platform at was created by Tony Boatman, currently... [ read more ]

Aspire2Success: New Tool Addresses Employee-Manager Relationships

Published: Sep 21, 2015

We've seen a lot of engagement survey tools - here's one that gets to the critical matter of the employee-manager relationship. A Canadian engagement survey company known as MindSuite has developed Aspire2Success to help managers develop more productive relationships with employees on a one-to-one basis. ... [ read more ]

Spark Collaboration: Stressing Social Interaction

Published: Jul 29, 2015

Spark Collaboration helps companies, associations and other groups "systematically connect people one-on-one for greater collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing." The Spark Collaboration platform matches people face-to-face for real time social interactions. "By meeting over coffee, lunch or video, people can create real social connection... [ read more ]

Tolero Solutions: 'Success Through People'

Published: Jul 28, 2015

The homepage for Silver Spring, MD-based Tolero Solutions says the company "helps you achieve success through people," a promise that resonates with those of us at the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Engagement Strategies Media, where our mission has always been "maximizing performance and profits through people." ... [ read more ]

CorporateRewards Pivots to Technology with WorkStride

Published: Jul 16, 2015

WorkStride – formerly known as CorporateRewards, a 15-year-old NY-based rewards firm – has recently shifted its focus from rewards to technology. In a recent conversation, Tom Silk, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, explained: “We want to change the conversation from focusing on rewards to how we can use technology increase performance... [ read more ]

theEMPLOYEEapp for Better Engagement Communications

Published: Jul 9, 2015

While proponents of engagement, including the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, have a mission to educate the investor community about the ROI of engagement for shareholders, theEMPLOYEEapp actually grew out of an app that Jeff Corbin... [ read more ]

Haydle Enterprise Q&A Platform

Published: Jul 1, 2015

The Haydle Enterprise Q&A platform is a simple, new approach to knowledge management designed to accelerate an organization’s progress by giving everyone the power to ask and answer questions. These questions can relate to ... [ read more ]

New Firm Focuses on Program Design

Published: Dec 20, 2017

In a move signaling an increased focus on program design in the traditional rewards and recognition space, Animate Growth Partners, a St. Louis-based agency founded earlier this year by Chris Galloway, formerly Senior Vice President of Performance Solutions for Fusion Marketing, has announced that the new company will focus primarily on incentive program design for corporate practitioners and solution providers. ... [ read more ] Leadership Management, Assessment Platforms

Published: Nov 2, 2016

After a beta test first reported in ESM in August, has announced the formal launch of its new leadership management technology, along with an employee feedback and survey platform to help management monitor engagement and address ... [ read more ]

Worktango Aims to Improve Manager-Employee Communication

Published: Jun 20, 2016

It's often said that people leave managers, not companies. Two members of the I Love Rewards Team team that gave rise to Achievers Inc., which was recently acquired by Blackhawk Network, have launched WorkTango, a platform that enables managers "to have better conversations with employees to create alignment, approve accountability, and develop high-performing teams." ... [ read more ]

The Culture Works: 'Engagement Solved'

Published: May 9, 2016

An innovator in Employee Engagement solutions, The Culture Works is the provider of The Motivators Assessment – what the company believes to be the world's most extensive scientific assessment to help individuals identify their unique blend of core motivators. ... [ read more ]

Vestrics Analytics Platform Aims to Help Clients Make Better Decisions

Published: Apr 5, 2016

The ethereal concept of "big data" is coming down to earth to help organizations address key business challenges and make better decisions. That's the vision of Vestrics, a 12-year-old consulting firm that has transformed itself into a software company offering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for helping companies make better decisions related to their human capital. ... [ read more ]

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