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Rewards & Recognition (March 2013)

News Briefs

Dittman Report: Recognition Can Help Employees Live Brand Values

A new white paper by Dittman Incentive Marketing posits that connecting employee performance to corporate culture and brand values is critical to the success of any company in today's marketplace. And a strategic employee incentive, rewards, and recognition program can strengthen specific behaviors and promote the brand. An equal part of the strategy, however, needs to center on how particular recognition and rewards tie back to core business values. "Today's rewards and recognition programs can be designed to encourage participation and foster a more openly accepting culture that values innovation," says Jim Dittman, President of Dittman Incentive Marketing. View the full report >


'Best-In-Class' Firms Prefer Non-Cash Rewards to Drive Performance

A recent study of sales organizations at Best-In-Class companies reveals that they are more likely to use recognition in the form of non-cash rewards. Specifically, a majority (55%) of respondents to a recent Aberdeen Group survey indicate that non-cash incentives and rewards are a "vital component" of sales performance management, and 57% say that "internal recognition for positive performance" is a critical non-financial motivator. The Aberdeen Research Brief, supported and distributed by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), notes that:

To view the full report, click here >


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What: The 2013 Rewards & Recognition Expo and Conference
Where: Hilton Riverside, New Orleans, LA
When: Sunday, April 28-Tuesday, April 30
Who: The Enterprise Engagement Alliance, in conjunction with Recognition Professionals International Annual Conference and the Incentive Research Foundation Business Education Series
How: Registration is now open at
Why: The need to engage customers, channel partners, employees, vendors and communities requires an entirely new level of knowledge, services and efficiency. Benefit from this unique exhibition and education program designed to help attendees elevate their solutions:

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Alliance of Marketing Firms Launches 'The Engagement Agency'

An alliance of leading marketing, incentive and motivational-event companies announces the formation of The Engagement Agency to provide full-service engagement solutions to businesses and organizations. The launch of The Engagement Agency demonstrates the increasing importance of the emerging field of engagement, joining a small but growing coterie of agencies specifically focused on engagement across the enterprise. Unlike traditional agencies, which tend to focus on the nation's largest companies, The Engagement Agency deploys a formal assessment, framework, implementation process and technology that make it possible for companies of almost any size to benefit from engagement practices that help improve the middle 60% of customers, distribution partners and employees often overlooked by traditional marketing companies. For more info, e-mail

EEA Now Offers Certified Engagement Practitioner (CEP) Designation

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) has launched its formal online test and certification program on Enterprise Engagement. The EEA Curriculum and Certification program focuses on the principals, framework and tactics related to engaging customers, channel partners, employees, vendors and communities to help achieve organizational goals. The exam is available free online at Those who pass the test can obtain a five-year Certified Engagement Practitioner (CEP) designation for $500, as well as qualify for the Advanced Engagement Practitioner and Master Engagement Practitioner designations. For more information on the EEA Curriculum and Certification program, go to

'Tribute to Honor' Provides Unique Inspiration

Tribute to Honor is corporate entertainment with a new twist. It combines corporate giving with employee motivation wrapped in a one-of-a kind theatrical experience appropriate for an evening event or a general session meeting. Supporting our military veterans is at the heart of the program. Each Tribute to Honor event uses professional actors to tell the story of a combat-wounded veteran and their journey to recovery. Audiences are inspired by their courage, honor and commitment as they triumph over their physical and emotional challengers. A short video sets the stage for the honoree's story to unfold. A powerful, emotional connection is made with your audience when the honoree and their family take the stage. Audiences have described Tribute to Honor as "powerful," "engaging," "unexpected" and "the best meeting we've ever had." This event honors your company's values, your people and a combat-wounded veteran. For more information, go to

In the Current Issue of Engagement Strategies Magazine

The latest issue of ESM is in the mail! Here's a look at what you'll find inside:

Is Storytelling Part of Your Internal Communication Efforts?

PepsiCo Director of Communications Rod Thorn makes his case that creating a storytelling culture can help companies overcome obstacles, take advantage of opportunities, launch new products, and meet numerous other challenges.

Motivating the Middle Ring: Don't Neglect Your Partners

In many industries and businesses, channel partners are the key links between employees and customers – a weak link if they're ignored; an important source of strength if they're engaged.

Six Drivers of That Determine Engagement Success

Just because companies move in the positive direction of engagement doesn't necessarily mean they're doing it right

What Melts Your Employees' Butter?

For today's workforce, the truth is that money, while important, just isn't what it used to be

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Insights from ESM Rewards & Recognition e-News

Is 'Social Recognition' the Next Killer App?

In the world of talent management, social networks have been used successfully in knowledge sharing, the identification of skills and construction of teams, in recruiting, onboarding and certainly learning. "Social Recognition," which uses software to enable people to recognize one another, is a relatively new entrant in the pantheon of talent management technology. Yet it draws on practices from some of the world's most popular internet applications. In connecting peers to peers, and in this case, employees to employees and employees to customers, partners, suppliers and others (the extended enterprise) it opens another dimension in recognition that has the potential to generate powerful cultural evolution within remarkably short timeframes. In others words, social recognition software can be transformative. It can fill a recognition gap quickly and it can extend recognition beyond the organization to help engage customers and other constituents. Click here to read the White Paper.

News From Enterprise Engagement Alliance

Strategic Implementation of Enterprise Engagement

In this paper, one in a series for our Enterprise Engagement curriculum, we examine a critically important element of enterprise engagement – moving from strategy to execution. This paper is targeted at organizations that wish to move from talking about and planning enterprise engagement to implementing the initiatives at a tactical and measurable level – throughout the enterprise and for all key constituents. The main objective of this paper is to assist the reader through practical, clear and readily available techniques, practices and tools to implement enterprise engagement across the organization. For the full report, click here

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