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Worldwide Online Training on ISO Human Capital Standards Now Available

Organizations are making critical decisions about people without the human capital metrics needed to guide them or management systems in place to achieve the best results. This new online training and certification program prepares executives for the ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting and ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification offered by the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at, founded by the people who helped create these standards. ISO human capital standards help organizations make better decisions, improve sustainable performance, and enhance stakeholder experiences.
How organizations and professionals can make better decisions and benefit from a strategic and systematic approach to human capital management and reporting is the subject of the international online training program offered by the International Center for Enterprise Engagement, which is among the only organizations anywhere offering formal training on the first human capital standards published by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. These standards are designed for organizations that truly believe that people are their most important asset. 
The online courses begin monthly in April with required introductory webinars for candidates that are available to all at no cost. The webinar schedule accommodates applicants from around the world. Applicants for professional certification in ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting or ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards must join ICEE to complete additional learning; purchase the standards from ISO and thoroughly read them to understand the principles; complete a 100-question multiple choice test; a written exercise, and a one-hour video webinar meeting with an examiner.
Based on a laborious process usually involving experts from dozens of countries, ISO standards provide a voluntary roadmap for achieving specific organizational goals by identifying all the people and processes required for success and how they can best be managed in a transparent manner to foster sustainable improvement. The standards do not stipulate the specific strategies and tactics but rather that there is a CEO-led strategic and systematic approach that is transparent enough to be audited and continuously improved.

Formal Training and Certification for New ISO Human Capital Standards ISO 30414 and ISO 10018 

The introductory webinar course, supported by the enterprise engagement agency EGR International at, provides information on: 
ISO 30414, officially known as Human Capital Internal and External Guidelines, provide a voluntary framework for the tracking, use of, and sharing of appropriate human capital metrics for the purpose of making better organizational decisions and disclosures to stakeholders. It was published in 2019. 
ISO 10018, officially known as Quality Management—Guidelines on People Involvement and Competence. It was published in 2015.
 Click here for a list of ISO 30414 and ISO 10018 certified professionals and organizations. 
To complete professional ISO certification, people or organizations must join ICEE as an individual or corporation to gain access to the learning and support materials for each standard certification. ISO Professional certification requires a college degree from an accredited college or university and at least three years of management and/or ISO or related auditing experience. Upon completion of the examination process, a provisional professional certification is granted until the candidate completes an actual development plan or audit for an organization.
People who do not yet have the required management or auditing experience can earn a Certified Professional designation until they meet the required professional requirements. 

Why Human Capital Management Is Critical Now

Explains Dr. Ron B. McKinley, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ICEE, “Many CEOs are making short-term decisions based on bad data that hurt shareholders and other stakeholders in the longer run. ISO human capital standards are designed to address the major inefficiencies of people management, starting with a fundamental failure to effectively measure the often significant and overlooked longer-term people costs of major decisions. How many CEOs have access to or are making decisions based on year-over-year comparable data on such metrics as: revenues/costs per employee and customer; customer and talent turnover and related costs; customer or employee complaints and related costs; accidents and related costs; wellness and related costs; absenteeism and related costs; employee and customer engagement and willingness-to-refer data; number and nature of law suits and related costs? It’s easy to make short-term decisions that look smart if you overlook the bigger picture.” 
As Dr. McKinley elaborates, “Many organizations think they have a handle on the costs of major decisions, but they often don’t because they overlook the human impact that can unfold beneath the radar screen if not tracked on a strategic and systematic basis. Decisions that look like they are saving money from an operational standpoint often have major costs completely overlooked because organizations lack the ability or focus to effectively measure the human impact.”
Explains Bruce Bolger, Co-Founder of ICEE, “For instance, many organizations have decided that it does not pay to offer employees paid sick leave. What looks like an obvious decision from a short-term standpoint, may not make sense over the longer haul if the organizations have more data on the costs in terms of potential litigation, turnover, or workforce availability. Do companies really have enough data to confirm the efficacy of such a critical decision? Likewise, many companies instituted automated phone systems based on the obvious short-term savings, but have they adequately measured the impact on customer loyalty or the willingness to refer?” 
Adds Lee S. Webster, Co-Founder of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement and the ISO 260 working group that created the human capital standards, “These standards are designed to do for human capital management what ISO 9001 standards did for quality management: apply a strategic, systematic, and proactive approach to processes, measures, and continuous improvement to significantly improve quality, productivity, and collaboration.” 
ISO Professional Certification Benefits 
The education program provides the following benefits:
Learn how you and your organization can benefit from the coming human capital mandate and the need for a CEO-led strategic and systematic to addressing the needs of all stakeholders when designing and implementing business plans.
Discover the economic and experiential benefits of ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards, as well as four other ISO human capital standards designed to improve efficiencies and outcomes.
Be prepared for the growing need to produce meaningful Corporate Responsibility Reports on your organization’s human capital management practices to compete for customers, talent, investors, and community support.
Create a management consulting or auditing practice to help organizations profit from these standards.
These introductory webinars provide preparation for professional certifications and auditing to qualified professionals and concrete information on how organizations can profit from these standards in both financial and non-financial outcomes, including enhanced professional and organizational experiences.

Program Return on Investment

The ISO human capital certification training programs provide:
• A practical voluntary framework you can bring to your organization and clients that improves results and experiences for all stakeholders by strategically and systematically aligning their interests with those of your organization or that of a client in a sustainable way.
• Preparation for ISO certifications that can provide a new profit center for solution providers and a professional opportunity to management ready to help their clients profit from the coming human capital mandate.
• The ability to certify organizations in their human capital practices to achieve better outcomes and greater efficiencies and to reduce litigation risks through the safe harbor offered by ISO certifications.
Please feel free to e-mail Bruce Bolger or call him at 914-591-7600, ext. 230.

Program Faculty 

Faculty includes co-founders of the ISO working group that created the ISO human capital standards, who are co-founders of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement:
Dr. Ron McKinley
Lee S. Webster  
Zahid Mubarik, SHRM-SCP, SPHRi, GPHR     
For More Information
Click here to learn more and to register.
Bruce Bolger
Tel. 914-591-7600, ext. 230
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10-minute short course: click here for a 10-minute introduction to Enterprise Engagement and ISO standards from the learning platform.

•  The International Center for Enterprise Engagement at, offering: ISO 10018 certification for employers, solution providers, and Enterprise Engagement technology platforms; Human Resources and Human Capital audits for organizations seeking to benchmark their practices and related Advisory services for the hospitality field.ISO 10018 Cerfified. Quality People Management
•  The Engagement Agency at, offering: complete support services for employers, solution providers, and technology firms seeking to profit from formal engagement practices for themselves or their clients, including Brand and Capability audits for solution providers to make sure their products and services are up to date.
•  C-Suite Advisory Service—Education of boards, investors, and C-suite executives on the economics, framework, and implementation processes of Enterprise Engagement. 
•  Speakers Bureau—Select the right speaker on any aspect of engagement for your next event.
•  Mergers and Acquisitions. The Engagement Agency’s Mergers and Acquisition group is aware of multiple companies seeking to purchase firms in the engagement field. Contact Michael Mazer in confidence if your company is potentially for sale at 303-320-3777.

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•  ROI of Engagement Calculator. Use this tool to determine the potential return-on-investment of an engagement strategy. 
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•  Gauge Your Personal Level of Engagement. This survey, donated by Horsepower, enables individuals to gauge their own personal levels of engagement.

For more information, contact Bruce Bolger at, 914-591-7600, ext. 230.

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