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ESM at is the media platform for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. The EEA is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their purpose, goals, and objectives through a systematic approach to engaging customers, employees, distribution and supply chain partners, communities, or any stakeholder who contributes to success. Click here for an ESM media kit. 

How we create value. The EEA provides information, learning, business development, advisory and mergers and acquisition services, research for investors, boards, CEOs and C-suites, executives and front-line management at for-profit, not-for-profits, governments, unions or other organizations seeking to implement a strategic approach to stakeholder management and corporate sustainability reporting. By applying a holistic approach to creating value for customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities, enterprise engagement is the equivalent of total quaity management (TQM) for stakeholder engagement across the enterprise.

This overview, the equivalent of a corporate sustainability report for a micro-enterprise, addresses the EEA's purpose, goals and objectives and how we create value; ESM's editorial policies and an overview EEA's services, which include access to enterprise engagement technologyies, assessment and feedback services, communications, learning and gamification tools, job design, innovation and collaboration, rewards and recognition, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), human capital analytics, and more.

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EEA Mission, Vision, and ESM Editorial Policies

Learning, Certification, Speaking, Advisory Services
Business Development Services for Solution Providers
Other EEA Services and Resources

EEA Mission, Vision, and ESM Editorial Policies

Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes enhance performance and create better experiences for all stakeholders through a strategic and systematic approach that fosters alignment of all stakeholders and engagement tactics across the enterprise. We have had to add to our mission the need to counter attempts by the extreme right and left to claim that this decades-old business field is the equivalent of “woke” capitalism, "creeping communism," "fig-leaf" greenwashing with the compelling fact that stakeholder management is simply a better business operating system, not an ideology. 

Our purpose is to create a marketplace of experts and solutions to help organizations enhance returns for investors and owners by creating value for customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities, as well as for donors, volunteers, and constituents, etc. in the realm of government and not-for-profits. 

Our goals are to promote greater focus on stakeholder thinking in management; help organizations elevate their corporate sustainability strategies to meet the vigorous reporting requirements of the European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directivehelp any type of organization enhance performance and stakeholder experiences through development and implementation of effective corporate sustainability practices; conduct independent research on effective process design and outcomes; and foster the creation of a marketplace of solution providers capable of supporting a stakeholder approach to management.

Our business model and risks. Given the time required to help effect such a simple yet significant change in business--the application of total quality management processes to people--the EEA remains a micro-enterprise built to persevere for years. We give away substantial information in order to educate the market. We generate revenues by: providing advisory services for practitioners and solution providers, including support for corporate sustainability reporting, speaking and facilitation services for organizations exploring or implementing stakeholder management; media and business development services for engagement solution providers; research for organizations interested in effective program design and measurement, fees for professionals and companies seeking to become informed advocates for stakeholder management through the EEA's curriculum program, and fees for mergers and acquisitions services. If we fail to create value for our customers, they will not return the following year nor recommend us to prospects. 

Our people. Click here for information about the people behind ESM and the EEA. The EEA remains a micro-enterprise with a deep network of independent contractors in some cases going back decades to provide support services for the EEA and our clients as needed. No one working for the EEA earns less than $25 per hour, and most earn much more. Senior management is paid based on performance. If we do not pay our independent contractors sufficiently and on time, they will not provide us or our clients optimal service. 

Environmental impact. As a micro organization based on digital rather than print media, the EEA has a minimum indirect Scope 3 impact. We rent space in a shared office center in a building that complies with current New York state recycling laws. We try to combine business with leisure travel to reduce our carbon footprint. The environment provides no greater risk to the EEA than it does to citizens and businesses as a whole. Our facilities are no longer located near the Hudson river to avoid the risk of flooding. 

EEA metrics. As an organization whose purpose is to promote increased awareness and application of stakeholder management processes, the ultimate measure of success is not only increased awareness of but practical implementation of stakeholder management principles supported by a marketplace of expert solution providers.Tremendous progress has occurred over the last 15 years in the awareness category, but much less progress in terms of implementation. While it is impossible for the EEA to take credit for the progress in awareness, despite generating over 240,000 direct reader views per year for its newsletters and social media content, we can take credit for having created the most comprehensive set of services, resources, and expertise for an emerging field that would take even a large organization significant resources and time to replicate, given the lack of expertise in the field. Other key metrics, our customer retention (now over 80% after 50% churn in earlier years); readership engagement--25% to 35% e-newsletter open rates; Linkedin exposures, now over 200,000 a year. There are still under 800 followers of #stakeholdercapitalism on Linkedin, up from 44 two years ago, reflecting the continued early phase of the field. Education participation and book sales remain flat, consistent with the lack of urgency related to putting stakeholder management princples into action. It is not known to what extent the European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, whose framework largely mirrors that of the EEA's education and services, will accelerate interest in a formal approach to implementation and reporting. Nor can we track how the anti-stakeholder capitalism publicity is affecting our business, although we anticipate some impact despite our strict non-partisan stance. 

EEA information services. ESM at is the online trade publication of the field of enterprise engagement, the implementation process for the “S” of Environmental, Stakeholder, Governance (ESG) and stakeholder capitalismESM (Engagement Strategies Media) at is the web version of a print magazine first published in 2009 under the name of is the latest version of an online marketplace focusing on solutions in the market dating to the 1990s. ESM publishes a comprehensive library of information on all aspects of stakeholder management and a growing library of YouTube shows consisting of interviews with experts on evergreen how-to topics about research, theory, and implementation of all aspects of engagement across the enterprise.

The EEA also publishes RRN at; marketplace, RRN e-newsletters, and library, the leading media platform focusing on incentives, rewards and recognition. 

We help readers in all areas of business, not-for-profits, investment firms, unions, government etc. enhance the performance of their organizations and their own personal professional growth by providing useful information, advisory and training services, and supplier resources.

We help solution providers crystallize their value propositions and convey their benefits to professionals in an information-seeking, learning, planning, or buying mode through a full set of integrated thought leadership and permission marketing based on the latest, most effective practices

ESM welcomes editorial submissions, including case studies of organizations committed to people and a strategic approach to people management, new product announcements, and guest insight articles, research in all areas of engagement, or even point-of-view articles from employees at any level of an organization. 

Email submissions to: or please feel free to post case studies, news, or insights on the Enterprise Engagement Alliance public ESM inkedin group; or for news about incentives, rewards, recognition, loyalty, etc., please post in the public RRN Linkedin group

Our editorial policies. We publish news, new products, and profiles, whether an organization does business with us or not, including useful resources from an organization others might consider competitive. Members of the EEA or our ESM Preferred Solution programs below are covered with the same objectivity as any other company. This means that while ESM writes about the organizations committed to supporting the use of effective practices in Enterprise Engagement and their efforts to share useful information, all organizations are treated the same in terms of having access to editorial coverage for news, case studies, or research. ESM writers may not use content to help settle personal disputes with companies mentioned, nor as a form of "pay back." ESM is strictly non-partisan and only writes about political issues that have an impact on Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Capitalism.

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Click here for a library of useful resources on Enterprise Engagement, including industry reports and how-to information on employee, sales, channel, and customer engagement; and other tactical areas of rewards and recognition. 

Learning, Certification, Speaking, Advisory Services

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 for curriculum membership and learning opportunities through the Enterprise Engagement Alliancewhich is the only organization we know of  that provides a complete curriculum on the practical implementation of enterprise engagement and the people aspects of stakeholder capitalism.

Education. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance provides the only knowh practical learning and certification program for the implementation of Stakeholder Management, the theory behind the emerging stakeholder capitalism movement. Its faculty includes world leaders in the movement representing almost every area of business, academia, and engagement solution experts. Click here for details. EEA membership includes a complete learning program, including five books from leading authors, six recorded expert webinars, and an optional live education program. There is an optional certification program for individuals and engagement solution providers. Click here for details about the faculty and books that come with EEA membership.

Speaking, town hall, and high-level meeting facilitation on stakeholder capitalism and management, enterprise engagement processes, corporate sustainability strategy  development and more. The EEA has a world-class team of speakers and town meeting facilitators with extensive expertise in video meetings and live events. Whenever possible, we emphasize heavy audience participation formats; facilitated experiences or working groups in order to build relationships and foster innovation in your team in a way that can't be accomplished via video. Click here for details on our speaking and town meetings facilitation services; click here for details on our executive briefings and retreat facilitation services; click here for our Short Escapes authentic experiential team-building programs that help your attendees bond by discovering together the secrets of the event's destination.

Corporate sustainabilty reporting. The EEA and its affiliates 4C Group in Germany and HR Metrics Pakistan combined have more experience helping organizations create audited human capital reports than any other firm, including leading management consulting and auditing firms. This includes the creation of four audited human capital reports, three with large enterprises, and one for a SME that largely conforms with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Services include; preliminary gap analysis; corporate sustainability strategy development; production of corporate sustainability reports, along with marketing support for their distribution. The EEA provides support for other advisory and consulting firms seeking to develop practices to assist organizations with meaningful corporate sustainability reporting. 

Engagement research. The EEA has assembled a team of experts in engagement research available on demand to provide independent analysis of effective program design, process outcomes, return-on-investment. Services can include turnkey production, distribution, and marketing of research outcomes, if desired. Click here for more details.

Click here for a one page summary of the above services.  

Business Development, Content, and Advisory Services for Solution Providers

As the primary media platform and marketing agency in the enterprise engagement field--the implementation process for the people aspects of stakeholder capitalism--the Enterprise Engagement Alliance's media and marketing services offer the most complete, efficient, and affordable business development solution for suppliers of engagement and human capital advisory services.

Our services are ideally suited to solution providers seeking to differentiate themselves in the market by addressing a more holistic approach to people management. Solution providers include: enterprise engagement technology, assessment and feedback, communications, learning and gamification, job design, innovation and collaboration, rewards and recognition, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), human capital analytics, and more. 

Services include highly measurable targeted business development campaigns that use a "help, not-sell", permission-based strategy to build databases of prospects and customers willing to engage. Services include strategy development, content, implementation, metrics, integration with your sales team, and ROI measurement.

Click here for a quick, confidential, self-service evaluation of your current marketing practices that also explains the permission-based solution employed by the EEA's Engagement Agency.  Or, click here for a one-page overview of EEA's content marketing services.

Other EEA Services and Resources

Mergers and acquisitions advisory services for organizations in the engagement space as well as buyers or sellers that wish to have stakeholder capital considered in valuations. Contact Michael Mazer at 303-320-3777.

A referral, ratings, and suggestion widget to promote referrals, ratings, and suggestions.  

Creation of the Brand Engagement 360 information service for the Association of National Advertisers to educate the marketing community on the importance of their role in engaging the people charged with delivering their promises.

Assistance with the development of customized training on stakeholder management, recently shared in part in a series of meetings with Conference Board, whose members consist of executives at some of the largest businesses in the world.

A formal education program on the ROI of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, first presented to the fellows of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, representing over 120 of the nation’s largest companies.

The Stakeholder Capitalism Insignia program. Individual citizens, professionals, and organizations committed to Stakeholder Capitalism can display an insigna on their web sites to demonstrate their commitment. 

The Brand Media Coalition outreach effort to educate the $176 billion IRR (Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition) marketplace on how to better utilize program design and brand storytelling to improve return on investment and engagement, including promotion of digital award solutions for gifting, incentives, and recognition. 

For more information: e-mail or call 914-591-7600, ext. 230. [return to top]

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