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About Engagement Strategies Media and The Enterprise Engagement Alliance

Here is an overview of ESM at, the media platform for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, as well as a summary of the EEA outreach, learning, and other services for investors, boards, CEOs and C-suites, and executives at for-profit, not-for-profits, governments, unions or other organizations seeking new sources of value through people. By enhacing returns for investors by creating value for customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities, Enterprise engagement is the equivalent of Total Quaity Management for stakeholder engagement across the enterprise.

This overview addresses our mission, vision, and editorial policies and information on the EEA's learning, certification, advisory and business development services. Below, you will find details on all these services for organizations of all types and suppliers of engagement and human capital advisory services. These include Enterprise Engagement technology, assessment and feedback, communications, learning and gamification, job design, innovation and collaboration, rewards and recognition, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), human capital analytics, and more.

Click here to learn about RRN at, ESM's sister company focusing on Total Rewards and the effective use of brands and experiences in stakeholder engagement efforts.

Mission, Vision, and Editorial Policies
Other EEA Services and Resources

Learning, Certification, Speaking, Advisory Services
Business Development Services for Solution Providers
Annual ESM Preferred Solution Program
Other Business Development Services
ESM Annual Report Programs

Mission, Vision, and ESM Editorial Policies

ESM at is the online trade publication of the field of Enterprise Engagement, the implementation process for the “S” of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Stakeholder Capitalism. What makes us unique is a strategic focus on engaging and aligning all stakeholders with a clear brand purpose, goals, methodologies, metrics, and continuous improvement process, much like Total Quality Managment in manufacturing adapted to people. 

Published by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA), ESM (Engagement Strategies Media) at is the web version of a print magazine first published in 2009 under the name of is the latest version of an online marketplace focusing on solutions in the market dating to the 1990s. The EEA also RRN at; marketplace, RRN e-newsletters, and library, the leading media platform focusing on Total Rewards.

Our purpose is to create a marketplace of information and solutions to help organizations enhance returns for investors and owners by creating value for customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities, as well as for donors, volunteers, and constituents, etc. in the realm of government and not-for-profits. 

Our mission is to apply the principles of Stakeholder Management to help organizations of all sizes enhance performance and create better experiences for all stakeholders through a strategic and systematic approach that fosters alignment of all engagement tactics across the enterprise. We aim to counter attempts by the extreme right and left to claim that Stakeholder Capitalism is the equivalent of “Woke” Capitalism, "creeping communism," "fig-leaf" with the compelling fact that it is simply better business.
We help readers in all areas of business, not-for-profits, investment firms, unions, government etc. enhance the performance of their organizations and their own personal professional growth by providing useful information, advisory and training services, and supplier resources, and we help solution providers crystallize their value propositions and convey their benefits to professionals in an information-seeking, learning, planning, or buying mode.

Our people. Click here for information about the people behind ESM and the EEA. 

ESM welcomes editorial submissions, including case studies of organizations committed to people and a strategic approach to people management, new product announcements, and guest insight articles, research in all areas of engagement, or even point-of-view articles from employees at any level of an organization. Email submissions to:

Our editorial policies. We publish news, new products, and profiles, whether an organization does business with us or not, including useful resources from an organization others might consider competitive. Members of the EEA or our ESM Preferred Solution programs below are covered with the same objectivity as any other company. This means that while ESM writes about the organizations committed to supporting the use of effective practices in Enterprise Engagement and their efforts to share useful information, all organizations are treated the same in terms of having access to editorial coverage for news, case studies, or research. ESM writers may not use content to help settle personal disputes with companies mentioned, nor as a form of "pay back." ESM is strictly non-partisan and only writes about political issues that have an impact on Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Capitalism.

Click here to subscribe to ESM (Engagement Strategies Media) at
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Click here for a library of useful resources on Enterprise Engagement, including industry reports and how-to information on employee, sales, channel, and customer engagement; and other tactical areas of rewards and recognition. 

Other EEA Services and Resources

The Stakeholder Capitalism Insignia program.
 Individual citizens, professionals, and organizations committed to Stakeholder Capitalism can display an insigna on their web sites to demonstrate their commitment. 

The EEA Engagement referral, ratings, and suggestion widget to promote referrals, ratings, and suggestions.  

Creation of the Brand Engagement 360 information service for the Association of National Advertisers to educate the marketing community on the importance of their role in engaging the people charged with delivering their promises.

The Brand Media Coalition outreach effort to educate the $176 billion IRR (Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition) marketplace on how to better utilize program design and brand storytelling to improve return on investment and engagement.

Aformal education program on the ROI of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, first presented to the fellows of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, representing over 120 of the nation’s largest companies.

The Brand Engagement Events with EME Meetings specifically designed to create a new distribution channel for engagement services through the top 5% of promotional products distributors increasingly broadening their services with their large-cap clients.

Assistance with the development of formal training on human capital management, recently shared in part in a series of meetings with Conference Board, whose members consist of executives at some of the largest businesses in the world.

Email for information on anything about Stakeholder Management, Enterprise Engagement, Human Capital Management, or total reports; or call 914-591-7600, ext. 230. 

Learning, Certification, Speaking, Advisory Services

Click here
 for curriculum membership and learning opportunities through the Enterprise Engagement Alliancewhich is the only organization we know that provides a complete curriculum on the practical implementation of Enterprise Engagement and the people aspects of Stakeholder Capitalism.

Education. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance provides the only knowh practical learning and certification program for the implementation of Stakeholder Management, the theory behind the emerging Stakeholder Capitalism movement. Its faculty includes world leaders in the movement representing almost every area of business, academia, and engagement solution experts. Click here for details. EEA membership includes a complete learning program, including five books from leading authors, six recorded expert webinars, and an optional live education program. There is an optional certification program for individuals and engagement solution providers. Click here for details about the faculty and books that come with EEA membership.

Speaking and town hall meeting facilitation on Stakeholder Capitalism, Enterprise Engagement, Human Capital Management and metrics, purpose development and more. The EEA has a world-class team of speakers and town meeting facilitators with extensive expertise in video meetings and live events. Whenever possible, we emphasize heavy audience participation formats; facilitated experiences or working groups in order to build relationships and foster innovation in your team in a way that can't be accomplished via video. Click here for details on our speaking and town meetings facilitation services; click here for details on our executive briefings and retreat facilitation services; click here for our Short Escapes authentic experiential team-building programs that help your attendees bond by discovering together the secrets of the event's destination.

Human Capital benchmarking and advisory services for organizations, investors, and private equity companies seeking to profit from a strategic and systematic approach to stakeholder engagement. We provide human capital benchmarking, metrics, and strategy development services for organizations and their solution providers, as well as human capital reporting analysis for investors. 

The EEA's Engagement Agency Stakeholder Engagement and Human Capitai Management services help organizations of all types and sizes turn their human capital into a profit center through 1) Stakeholder Management advisory services to re-establish brand purpose, goals, metrics, and alignment of tactics, and 2) Human Capital Management and Reporting in conformance with ISO 30414 and ISO 10018 People Engagement standards.

Business Development, Content, and Advisory Services for Solution Providers

As the primary media platform and marketing agency in the Enterprise Engagement field, the implementation process for the people aspects of Stakeholder Capitalism, the Enterprise Engagement's media and marketing services offer the most complete, efficient, and affordable business development solution for suppliers of engagement and human capital advisory services. Our services are ideally suited to solution providers seeking to differentiate themselves in the market by addressing a more holistic approach to people management. Solution providers include:  Enterprise Engagement technology, assessment and feedback, communications, learning and gamification, job design, innovation and collaboration, rewards and recognition, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), human capital analytics, and more.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is the leading media company and is the only marketing agency focusing specifically on the Enterprise Engagement, Human Capital Management, and the related Total Rewards field. ESM and its marketplace and outreach effort provide a unique array of highly efficient and measurable business development opportunities including digital, video, e-newsletter content marketing and e-commerce focused on the people most likely to buy. 

Our marketing and solution provider advisory services include complete strategic purpose and brand design; unique selling proposition clarification; training for sales, marketing and implementation teams, as well as certification opportunities. 
I. The ESM Preferred Solution Program to reach nearly 20,000 professionals searching for info on engagement systematic, integrated digital, video, and e-newsletter content marketing and advertising program in ESM media coordinated with your own social media;
II. Other Business Development Services, including brand purpose and unique selling proposition development; implementation of integrated social media and e-newsletter campaigns; creation of white papers, articles, speeches, live and recorded video programs; and the EME events to reach top promotional distributions.
III. ESM Annual market report programs. Special reports on key segments of the field of Enterprise Engagement.

I. The Annual ESM Preferred Solution Business Development Program

For less than the cost of a trade show and for much less time, your organization can command a leading position in the fast-growing Enterprise Engagement market throughout the year through the industry’s leading media and marketing platforms, using a combination of content to tell your story; an online storefront to inform people in a planning or buying mode, along with an optional transactional storefront for sampling or building relationships with customers and prospects. All of our programs include training for your team on latest trends, opportunities, effective practices, etc. 
1. The EEA Media Content Marketing Program in ESM Media: A Minimum of Four Quarterly Useful Articles About Your Company

The annual ESM Preferred Solution program tells your story through interesting, useful content that includes one quarterly feature article about your company; a new product or service, or insight/how-to article appearing in or marketed through:

ESM (Engagement Strategies Media) at and its online marketplace founded in print in 2009

 2. Category Market Report Sponsorships 

ESM publishes special reports on all aspects of the engagement field, including periodic industry reports published online and as a digital PDF report for added impact. They are marketed for a full 12 months until replaced with a new edition, and cover key categories of the engagement field. They include quotes and photos from qualified sponsors and other experts; as well as sponsorship credit, company description, and contact information. See below for more details, including a list of planned reports. 

3. Storefront Program

Present your solutions and help train your team, resellers, and clients on the EEA Youtube channelClick here for over 35 and growing free recorded sessions with top experts on engagement and rewards.
ESM Annual Fees
Fees are designed to provide more annual value than offered by a single trade show or standard event sponsorship in terms of targeted exposure and use in social media, thought leadership, and by your salespeople--at a much lower cost and with much less investment in time. 

$8,500 for ESM Preferred Solution programs4 ESM quarterly content marketing programs, including at least one Market Report and video program sponsorship. Click here for a sample feature article.
$4,000 for annual Market Report and sponsorship ONLY; includes one quarterly content program and customized digital PDF for sharing for one full year and a full-year storefront telling your organization's story on
Note: There is a $1,500 additional annual fee for participation in the Association of National Advertisers program.

II. Other Business Development Services  

1. Update your organization purpose statement, unique selling proposition, and story 
to align with the new stakeholder focus in management and marketing.
2Integrated social media, e-newsletter, blog campaigns: Use compelling content to build relationships precisely with the people you wish to reach through a systematic approaching using social media.
3. Custom publishing in every medium on people management and experiences. Use compelling content to build relationships across social media, e-newsletter, and video patforms to build relationships with the people you wish to reach through a strategic and systematic approach. 
4. EME Promotional Products one-on-one events: Target and develop relationships with the nation's stop distributors at four one-on-one events event year.

III. ESM Annual Market Report Programs

Sponsorship of this content is included in the Annual Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Program or can be sponsored separately as explained below. 


Digital articles on ESM at enewsletters and digital PDFs for additional impact upon sharing, customized with your sponsorship information only.
All the reports will be marketed in weekly e-newsletters throughout the year across both EEA media platforms ESM at and serving the Total Rewards market and are designed for sponsors to share them as sales enablement tools with their own communities. Here is a list of the planned topics and the types of experts quoted and current sponsors


How to Select an Engagement Agency

Experts and select leading engagement firms.

EGR International

Assessment and Feedback

Executives and select suppliers of leading assessment and feedback firms.


Learning and Gamification

Experts and select suppliers in learning and gamification.



Experts and select suppliers in communications.


Enterprise Engagement technology

Experts and select suppliers in enterprise engagement technology.

CarltonOne Engagement

Job Design

Experts and select suppliers in job design.


Benefits and Perquisites

Experts and select suppliers in benefits.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Experts and suppliers of DEI services.



Experts in recognition.

Appreciation at Work

Incentive Programs

Experts in incentive programs.

Partners for Incentives, Pulse Experiential Travel

Human Capital Analytics and Reporting

Experts in human capital analytics.



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