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Brand Engagement 360 Guide to Implementation

Published: Nov 12, 2022

Kicking off the new Enterprise Engagement Alliance Brand Engagement 360 Knowledge Management program with the Association of National Advertisers, this primer on Brand Engagement 360 is prepared for marketing and agency management ready to implement a strategic brand engagement process that includes its internal and other stakeholders--including employees, distribution and supply chain partners, communities, volunteers, donors etc. This article summarizes the two key phases of the process: 1) Strategic brand purpose definition and 2) Implementation. Neither require major investments in time and money and in fact are designed to save both over time while enhancing performance and stakeholder experiences through greater alignment and efficiency. These processes are based on over 40 years of academic research and processes time tested in the world of total quality management in factories around the world. ... [ read more ]

Opinion: Stakeholder Capitalism Is a 50-Year-Old Field, The 2019 Business Roundtable Pronouncement Muddied the Waters

Published: Jan 25, 2023

The 2019 Business Roundtable pronouncement that corporations need to address the interests of all stakeholders and the 2020 World Economic Forum Davos Conference reaffirming the 2013 Davos Manifesto containing the same principles drew welcome attention to a well-established business field but opened the door to virulent opposition based on a distorted definition. ... [ read more ]

EEA: Your Resource for the How of Stakeholder Capitalism

Published: Jan 16, 2023

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance provides complete resources for organizations seeking to move from talk to action on the implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism principles or for professionals in all areas of business seeking to gain a practical understanding of the theory, framework, implementation, and measurement process of stakeholder management and engagement. ... [ read more ]

JUST 100 Index Outperforms Russell 1000 by 13.7% Since Launch

Published: Jan 11, 2023

As of Dec. 30, 2022, the JUST 100 Index (JUONE) that tracks the top 100 ranked companies on the issues that Americans consider most important outperformed the Russell 1000 by 13.3% since inception in November 2016. The survey on which the rankings are based finds wide agreement on the principles of stakeholder capitalism across the demographic and political spectrums. ... [ read more ]

EEA 2023 Focus: Stakeholder Engagement Implementation

Published: Jan 5, 2023

While business and political pundits battle out the high-level issues related to Environment, Social, Governance (ESG), the Enterprise Engagement Alliance focuses specifically on the implementation of systems and technologies that support the benefits of fostering the proactive involvement of all the stakeholders who contribute to organizational success. ... [ read more ]

New EU ESG Rules Likely to Affect Many US Companies

Published: Dec 12, 2022

New Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) reporting requirements in the European Union (EU) will have a significant effect on nonfinancial reporting, even for US companies, according to this recent report in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance. They will require tens of thousands if not one million or more worldwide to disclose, among other statistics, their employee turnover rates.... [ read more ]

Former Delaware Judge Leo Strine Headlines EEA Live Show on the Stakeholder Capitalism Controversy

Published: Dec 4, 2022

Bring your questions to this unique opportunity to hear from Leo E. Strine Jr., former Delaware Chief Justice and an early advocate of Stakeholder Capitalism and Public Benefits Corporations, on Tue., Dec. 13 at 1 pm ET US. Register here. He will be joined by Larry Beeferman, a consultant and Fellow on Labor and Work Life at the Harvard Law School to discuss why Stakeholder Capitalism and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) have taken so much flack from the left and the right; the role of Public Benefits Corporation statutes, and a look at the future of Stakeholder Capitalism. ... [ read more ]

EEA Marks 13th Anniversary With Focus on Implementation of the "S" of ESG

Published: Dec 4, 2022

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance was founded in 2008 to advance a strategic and systematic approach to people across the enterprise, otherwise known as the “S” of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG.) Founded well before the emergence of Stakeholder Capitalism, the EEA has led the way in helping to create a formal roadmap for organizations and solution providers profit from this emerging approach to success in business and to discouraging the “bright shiny object” approach that continues to describe most organizational approaches to people management. Here’s a summary of the EEA’s actions to advance the cause of people since it’s formation. ... [ read more ]

CFO Corner: Inadequate Financial Reporting Leads to Bad Decisions

Published: Nov 28, 2022

Nick Shepherd, a retired chief financial officer now active as an author of books and articles on financial management and human capital, argues in this new ESM column, CFO Corner, that the financial information provided by organizations today leads to bad decisions because it provides no way to measure the financial impact of stakeholder engagement. The accounting system, says this highly experienced financial officer, does not account for the future value created by investments in people today, nor the future value destruction that occurs in short-term layoffs, such as those occurring at Twitter. ... [ read more ]

EEA Launches Updated Stakeholder Management Curriculum

Published: Nov 28, 2022

Based on insights from dozens of experts in all areas of Stakeholder Management across the enterprise, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has launched its completely updated education program providing the world’s most comprehensive professional education on the subject. ... [ read more ]

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