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ISO Releases the First Standards on Human Resources Practices

Published: Sep 14, 2016

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 260 has issued its first four standards in human resources management. According to the ISO, "A new series of ISO standards aims to help not only improve the recruitment process, but improve businesses through better human resource processes."... [ read more ]

U.S. ISO Committee Approves EEA Proposal to Create Employee Engagement Standards

Published: Sep 14, 2016

In a move that one day could have significant impact on business practices both in the U.S. and worldwide, a recommendation by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to create formal standards on employee engagement was approved by the U.S. Technical Advisory Group. While there remain ... [ read more ]

Baudville Brands, C.A. Short and Divvy Engagement Become Engagement Agency Partners

Published: Sep 13, 2016

Baudville Brands, a leading recognition firm in Grand Rapids, MI, C.A. Short Company, an innovator in employee engagement based on Shelby, NC, and Divvy Engagement Solutions, the new name for a 25-year-old, full-service incentive company based in Pleasant Valley, NY, have become partners in the growing Engagement Agency network of engagement solution providers. ... [ read more ]

Achievers Names 'Elite 8' Engaged Workplace Winners

Published: Sep 13, 2016

Achievers recently announced the winners of its ‘Elite 8’ at the company’s 50 Most Engaged Workplaces Awards Gala in Toronto. The Achievers Elite 8 designation recognizes the firms that received the highest scores for each of the Eight Elements of Employee Engagement – the criteria used by Achievers to determine its Most Engaged Workplaces winners. ... [ read more ]

M&A Activity Continues With Inspirus Sale to Sodexo

Published: Sep 8, 2016

In another sign of increased mergers and acquisition activity in the engagement and rewards space, Sodexo announced that it has acquired Inspirus, a 120-person engagement services company based in Fort Worth, TX, that offers a comprehensive employee engagement technology platform to companies of all sizes. The acquisition will ... [ read more ]

Baylor U. Study Highlights Sea Change in Recognition Strategies

Published: Sep 6, 2016

A newly-released study by Baylor University finds that executives in human resources, marketing and public relations generally agree that "building a business reputation from the inside out - with employees giving a company high marks as an ethical place to work" - provides a competitive edge, alongside offering high quality customer service and products. ... [ read more ]

Momentum Grows for Human Capital and Employee Engagement Disclosures by Public Companies

Published: Aug 26, 2016

In a recent letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) specifically requested the disclosure of human capital investments, including spending on training and employee engagement. The comments are related to a request for comments from the S.E.C. business and financial disclosure required by Regulation S-K and could eventually lead to formal revisions. ... [ read more ]

U.K. Group Aims to Transform Human Capital Management

Published: Aug 12, 2016

How can executives and investors benchmark companies based on their effective use of human capital? OMS LLP, a U.K.-based organization, has developed a human capital rating system known as OMINDEX it hopes will spur organizations around ... [ read more ]

2017 Engagement U. and Expo Focuses on Implementation, Certification

Published: Aug 10, 2016

Engagement University & Expo, set for April 18-20, 2017 at the Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, will feature an intensive learning program on the framework and implementation process for Enterprise Engagement, including preparation for the Certified Engagement Practitioner program.... [ read more ]

Editor at Finance Execs Remain Engagement Skeptics

Published: Aug 8, 2016

Despite reporting on the increased interest by the investment community in the value of human capital assets and engagement, CFO Publishing Deputy Editor David McCann remains skeptical that companies will rapidly see the economic value of human capital management and engagement. The key obstacles:... [ read more ]

EEA Accepted to Serve ISO Effort on Human Capital Standards

Published: Aug 8, 2016

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance was formally accepted to serve on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which represents the interests of the United States on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee that is developing standards on human capital management, known as ISO/TC 260... [ read more ]

Richard Warwick, Lipic's Engagement, Earns CEP Designation

Published: Aug 4, 2016

Richard Warwick, Business Development Executive at Lipic's Engagement in St. Louis, has earned Certified Engagement Practitioner (CEP) status from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. Warwick is responsible for developing and implementing the company's business plan for bringing employee engagement solutions to ... [ read more ]

News Analysis: More Solution Providers Make Shift to Engagement

Published: Aug 1, 2016

For the past eight years, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has advocated for the application of the invaluable research developed by multiple organizations to design more effective programs to engage people across the enterprise to perform or help achieve organizational objectives. Evidence is mounting that a growing number of ... [ read more ]

German Effort Aims to Put Monetary Value on Human Capital

Published: Jul 22, 2016

What if business executives and investors could put a dollar value on an organization’s human capital in a way that could be compared between companies, industries, even categories of employees? That’s the goal of a group of professors at the University of Saarland in Saarbruecken, Germany. They have not only developed this formula, but have tested it on at least three companies, are working with other academics in Europe to... [ read more ]

Dittman Adds Real-Time Reporting and Activity Dashboards to TotalPRO

Published: Jun 16, 2016

Dittman Incentive Marketing has announced enhancements to its TotalPRO Recognition Platform - specifically, the addition of a Program Activity Dashboard and PRO Reporting module. With these new reporting enhancements, platform administrators can now see and measureDittman Incentive Marketing has announced enhancements to its TotalPRO Recognition Platform - specifically, the addition of a Program Activity Dashboard and PRO Reporting module. With these new reporting enhancements, platform administrators can now see and measure... [ read more ]

Next Level Performance New Name of Dittman Incentive Marketing

Published: Jun 6, 2016

In yet another sign that traditional incentive and recognition companies are broadening their positioning to take advantage of the engagement movement, Next Level Performance™ will be the new name of Dittman Incentive Marketing effective Aug. 1, 2016, the 40th anniversary of the founding of the company.... [ read more ]

ISO to Add Human Resources to International Standards

Published: May 27, 2016

The International Organization for Standardization (aka: ISO) has established standards for a wide range of business functions, but curiously none exist in the area of human resources. That is about to change. ISO Technical Committee 260, which now has 24 participating countries, seeks to ... [ read more ]

Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap is Now Available

Published: May 9, 2016

Written and edited by Bruce Bolger, Richard Kern and Allan Schweyer of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap is the newly updated version of the book formerly titled Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook. The name was changed to ... [ read more ]

EEA Honors 9 Companies With 'First' Awards

Published: Apr 28, 2016

Three leading corporations, three engagement solution providers and three key contributors are recipients of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance's inaugural 'First' Awards, honoring early innovators in the field of Enterprise Engagement. ... [ read more ]

EEA Names Winners of 2016 People-Centric Awards

Published: Apr 19, 2016

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has announced the winners of its 2016 People-Centric Awards. A total of 18 publicly-held companies warrant recognition this year for their dedication to generating returns for shareholders by investing in their relationships with customers, employees and communities. ... [ read more ]

Engagement World Event Signals Emergence of New Field

Published: Apr 18, 2016

Enterprise Engagement brings together major industry associations and organizations for a week of education, exhibits and networking events at Engagement World, April, 25-28, Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. Four organizations in management, face-to-face engagement, loyalty, and rewards and recognition have united to promote the concept of enterprise-wide engagement at Engagement World, April 25-28, at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. ... [ read more ]

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