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Shared Value Helps Explain Why Shareholders Can Gain With Stakeholder Capitalism

Published: Mar 28, 2022

A study of the application of "Shared Value" (SV) strategies in Brazil by Silvia De Tommaso PhD scholar at the University of Sao Paulo's School of Economics, Management, and Accounting, suggests that addressing the needs of all stakeholders not only does not compromise the interests of shareholders but works in their favor. ... [ read more ]

ITA Group's Rob Danna: "We Intend to Be the Leader in Human Capital"

Published: Mar 28, 2022

As the only employee-owned company in the incentive, rewards, and recognition (IRR) business, ITA Group is uniquely positioned to profit from the new focus on human capital management, says Rob Danna, Senior Vice President at the 60-year-old Des Moines-based engagement agency. ... [ read more ]

New EEA Members Cite Reasons for Joining

Published: Mar 27, 2022

New individual and corporate members say they have joined the Enterprise Engagement Alliance to advance their skills; elevate their stakeholder engagement capabilities and share information with a growing community of like-minded companies and professionals. ... [ read more ]

Tech Firm Releases First ISO 30414 Verified Human Capital Report Amid a War

Published: Mar 14, 2022

A technology company that employs both Russians and Ukrainians worked for a year to create a formal, ISO-30414 verified human capital report to demonstrate its commitment to its employees across Eastern Europe and elsewhere, only to face war in Ukraine, where one-third of the company's employees live and work and where many of its Russian employees have friends and family... [ read more ]

Academic Interest Grows in the "S" of ESG

Published: Mar 14, 2022

While the world's universities jumped on environmental sustainability as a major focus for research and education, educators have only slowly embraced education about the "S", of Environmental, Social, Governance or related reform efforts. ... [ read more ]

Stakeholder Capitalism Veterans: It's Just Better Business

Published: Mar 8, 2022

This recent Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube show - "Stakeholder Capitalism: The Definitive Webinar"- brings together early founders of the movement to clarify the definition and implementation process being confused by newcomers with “woke” capitalism and "corporatism." ... [ read more ]

Coming Soon to Companies Near You - People Report Cards?

Published: Feb 28, 2022

What if every public company and those that do business with them had to publish each year a report on how they treat people, sharing specific methods and metrics addressing workforce turnover, skills and development training, compensation, benefits, workforce demographics including diversity, and health and safety, and the demographic composition of their boards? ... [ read more ]

Global Agency Founder to Help Companies "Build Corporate Soul"

Published: Feb 27, 2022

Ralf Specht, founding partner of Spark44, an international ad agency he helped grow into a $100 million plus company with 1,200 employees, now turns his attention to promote "a framework that aligns value-creating employee action with broader corporate strategy through shared understanding and shared purpose."... [ read more ]

Perspective from the Right: What's Wrong With Stakeholder Capitalism

Published: Feb 21, 2022

As an advocate for the proper implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism principles, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance does everything it can to enable the expression of all viewpoints. ESM followed up with Wayne Winegarden, whose recently published article on Stakeholder Capitalism in National Review raises serious and legitimate dangers for business. ... [ read more ]

Stakeholder Capitalism: The Definitive One-Hour Webinar

Published: Feb 20, 2022

Stakeholder Capitalism has received prominent coverage in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CNBC, the National Review, and still most people have not heard about it, know what it means, or how it can affect their lives and businesses. ... [ read more ]

At the Front Lines of Making Appreciation Work

Published: Feb 18, 2022

Dr. Paul White's Appreciation at Work book has sold over 500,000 copies to help organizations tap the power of appreciation to turn their cultures into action, and Dr. White presents teaches the process of appreciation into hundreds of training sessions. ... [ read more ]

Sunovion Training Exec: Treat Your Salespeople Like Volunteers

Published: Feb 13, 2022

Veteran sales training executive Richard (Rick) Beers turns a lot of traditional thinking about sales training on its head through a strategic, systematic, and measurable approach. His program is designed to increase learning retention by creating a positive training environment, leveraging the strengths of newly hired sales professionals, and delivering a strong training curriculum.... [ read more ]

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