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150 Top Companies Sign on to Follow World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics

Published: Jan 17, 2024

As of a week after the release of this announcement by the World Economic Forum in January 2024, no one in the business media we could find has yet to publish this commitment by leading companies to voluntary disclosures generally aligned with the principles of stakeholder management and the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. ... [ read more ]

Effective Practices: Stakeholder Management Implementation

Published: Jan 1, 2024

This step-by-step process demystifies the concept of stakeholder capitalism by focusing on its practical implementation, metrics, and continuous improvement process. This framework is based on the holistic, strategic, and systematic approach familiar to anyone involved with total quality management in manufacturing. ... [ read more ]

Five EEA Webinars Highlight Enormous Waste of Shareholder Capitalism

Published: Dec 20, 2023

During autumn 2023, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance held successive webinars on customer service, marketing, human resources, labor management relationships, and job design that inadvertently help reveal the source of so much waste organizations large and small bake into their business models. ... [ read more ]

UAW Settlement Highlights Obsolete Model for Establishing Pay

Published: Dec 7, 2023

The current process of establishing compensation based on what can be negotiated at the bargaining reflects a fundamental flaw—the failure to consider objective measures of the value created by various categories of stakeholders in an organization. Only by understanding the source of value creation can organizations better understand where to invest their resources.... [ read more ]

EEA Launches People Value Impact Calculator to Help Make Better Engagement and Compensation Decisions

Published: Dec 1, 2023

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Talent Management Evolution have created a People Value Impact Calculator (PVIC) that organizations can use to make better compensation, engagement, and marketing decisions and to better estimate the cost of disengagement on sales, profits, stakeholder experiences, and other goals and objectives. A basic one-company license for PVIC comes with an EEA Corporate Solution Provider Enterprise membership.... [ read more ]

CX Experts: Service Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Published: Nov 27, 2023

Four experts in customer experience, each with decades of experience, believe that customer service has reached all-time lows. They say it could get worse before it gets better until CEOs either finally confront the scale of the waste or customers simply demand better service or move on. ... [ read more ]

Dave Ulrich on the State of Strategic Human Resources Management

Published: Nov 13, 2023

Three years have passed since Dave Ulrich helped kick off the Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube insight and how-to show on effective stakeholder management across the enterprise. He shared information on the business operating model his RBL Institute has developed to help human resources move from a sunk cost to a source of value creation. Ulrich returns to the EEA YouTube show program for an update on his mission as more people in the human resources profession begin to talk about value creation and operating systems. ... [ read more ]

EEA Launches Referral Program for Stakeholder Implementation Services

Published: Nov 13, 2023

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has launched a referral program offering significant opportunities for people to earn ongoing fees for referring people to the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and its preferred solution providers. The recurring referral fees can total in the hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, and be in the form of cash, a wide choice of popular retail gift cards or a merchandise gift or travel experience curated specifically for you or the recipient. ... [ read more ]

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