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Corporate Secretary Study: Stakeholder Capitalism Gains Traction

Published: Oct 26, 2022

A new study by Corporate Secretary, an IR Media publication, finds that a “large majority of companies are looking beyond the interests of just shareholders, but relatively few have so far created a formal approach to Stakeholder Capitalism amid growing interest in the concept.” The study suggests the need for a greater understanding of formal strategic and systematic implementation frameworks.... [ read more ]

Opinion: When It Comes to Recognition, The Customer Is Often Wrong

Published: Oct 18, 2022

This article isn’t designed to make friends among recognition managers and suppliers but rather to help organizations right a terrible wrong: most recognition programs ignore basic principles of effective implementation and are a waste of money and time. Here’s why and how to correct it. With a recession looming, human resources managers who wish to retain these programs can take some simple steps to make them better. ... [ read more ]

Asset Valuation Expert in New Book: “It’s Still the People”

Published: Oct 10, 2022

Nothing gets done in any organization without people – its human capital. How well the human capital manages the financial capital and intellectual capital determines the value of any business… so you’d better get the human capital part right urges the author.... [ read more ]

B-CAT Launches Half-Day Team Cohesion Service

Published: Oct 3, 2022

A leader in brand-culture alignment has introduced a half-day service to recharge and/or reset the culture within an organization or team. It provides an alternative to traditional outdoor- or recreational-team building in that it focuses the interaction on clear organizational goals. ... [ read more ]

Governance Expert Defines Stakeholder Capitalism and its Implications

Published: Oct 2, 2022

Speaking before the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, Leo E. Strine Jr., an expert on corporate governance, provides a clear definition of Stakeholder Capitalism that he believes finds common ground among the right and the left, including a little bit of pain for each side. If done right, Stakeholder Capitalism can benefit all the interests we care about while preserving our individual freedoms.... [ read more ]

ProsperBridge Prospers by Helping People Prosper

Published: Sep 14, 2022

When Jervis DiCicco and Maggie Drucker launched ProsperBridge just about two years ago, their goal was to help organizations enhance engagement, productivity, and quality by addressing a No. 1 employee distraction: financial and related stress. What they have learned is the power of the personal touch. ... [ read more ]

JUST Capital Survey Highlights the Key Source of Waste in Shareholder Capitalism

Published: Aug 23, 2022

A survey of over 3,000 Americans by JUST Capital demonstrates that the Stakeholder Capitalism movement has made minimal progress since the 2019 Business Roundtable update of the corporate charter to include all stakeholders. The survey responses highlight the reasons for the high, hidden cost of Shareholder Capitalism: high levels of employee and customer dissatisfaction.... [ read more ]

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