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Drucker Institute, WSJ Use Similar Methodology as EEA to Score Best Companies

Demonstrating the increased interest in applying a “holistic approach to assessing company performance,” the Wall Street Journal and Drucker Institute have teamed up to create a framework similar to that used by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, ISO 10018 and the Good Company Index to rank best companies. 
Over the last nine years since the creation of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, increasing attention is being focused on the importance of connecting engagement across the organization in a systematic way. Touting it as “groundbreaking and unprecedented,” the Wall Street Journal recently published a ranking - what it calls the "Management Top 250" - of the top 250 companies based on "their alignment with 15 core management principles advanced by the late Peter Drucker.” These include:
This index provides more compelling evidence that the business world has discovered the importance of an enterprise-wide, systematic approach to engagement. The criteria used to select these companies is similar to that used by both the Enterprise Engagement Alliance framework and ISO 10018 standards. It is also similar to the criteria used by McBassi & Co. for its Good Company Index and for the Engaged Company Stock Index (ECSI) it manages on behalf of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at  
According to Rick Wartzman and Lawrence Crosby in an introduction that accompanies the inaugural Management Top 250 list, “Most metrics assess a single aspect of how a company is doing, with relatively little regard to how different dimensions of performance fit together. In a world of specialists, our aim is to offer the insights of the general practitioner by seeing the whole corporate anatomy.”
Based on this methodology, the top 10 U.S. companies are: Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Cisco Systems and Nvidia.
For more information about the Management Top 250, visit the Drucker Institute website or contact Zachary First, the institute’s Executive Director.
Editor’s note: There is no implication that the Drucker Institute either knew about or used any of the information of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. The work of Peter Drucker long pre-dates the EEA and his research was referenced in the early work of the EEA’s curriculum development. 
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