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Engagement Radio: HR Leader Ruth Ross on Engagement and the C-Suite

Despite overwhelming C-suite interest in the topic of Enterprise Engagement, and compelling evidence of its importance to organizational success, HR leader Ruth Ross says most companies don’t have a formal strategy. In this interview, she says that despite an increasingly competitive and challenging business climate and facts and figures that demonstrate that most employees are disengaged at a tremendous cost to business, “You can only come to one conclusion: They just don’t get it.”

Ross is a self-described “engagement evangelist” and the author of the book Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Your Career. She has been a force of change as an HR leader with a variety of powerhouse brands such as Charles Schwab, Citibank, Estee Lauder and American Express. Immediately before starting her firm, R Squared Resources, she was the Executive Vice President of Human Resources for the corporate finance division of Wells Fargo. Having managed employee engagement issues during the financial industry’s recent ups and downs and helping to reengineer the worldwide HR processes for American Express, Ross knows the good and the not so good as it relates to engaging employees. She is now leading her own company that focuses on the intersection where people and process merge in the organization. Her site is, and she can also be found on twitter.

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