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Free Engagement ROI Calculator Now Available From EEA

This new ROI Calculator is one of four tools offered for free by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and its Academy to help organizations seeking to implement a strategic approach to Enterprise Engagement and achieve ISO 10018 certification.

The EEA’s Enterprise Engagement Academy has created a free ROI Calculator that any organization can use to track the potential return-on-investment of an engagement initiative. Click here to give it a try. The report that’s generated provides the estimated impact of improving employee engagement.

According to Allan Schweyer, Curriculum Director for the Enterprise Engagement Academy at and founder of the TMLU professional learning platform, the ROI Calculator is based on “very conservative estimates of the impact of lower and higher levels of engagement created by the Center for Talent Solutions.”  
The ROI Calculator takes just a few minutes to use, explains Schweyer. The first step asks users to estimate the percentage of employees currently at various levels of engagement. The second step uses data from the Center for Talent Solutions to determine the potential dollar impact of engagement versus disengagement, but can be adjusted by the user based on their own organization’s calculations. The third step shows the financial impact of high or low levels of engagement, the fourth shows the bottom line impact and the fifth shows the potential improvement if action is taken to address disengagement. Users can then receive a confidential report via email.
In addition to the ROI Calculator, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance offers access to three other useful benchmarking tools. Click here to access the EEA benchmark tools below.
1. EE Benchmark Indicator. A systematic way to confidentially benchmark your organization’s Enterprise Engagement practices against organizations and best practices. Organizations that generate a high score on this exercise are more likely to achieve ISO 10018 certification.
2. Compare Your Company’s Level of Engagement. This quick survey, created by McBassi & Co. (which manages the EEA’s Engaged Company Stock Index), enables organizations to quickly compare their level of engagement to those of others based on the same criteria as the Engaged Company Stock Index at
3. Gauge Your Personal Level of Engagement. This survey, donated by Horsepower, enables individuals to gauge their own personal levels of engagement.

To learn about how to improve engagement across the enterprise, register to attend Engagement World, May 7-9, in Galveston, sponsored by the new University of Texas Medical Branch Enterprise Engagement Innovation Center. For more information, go to
For more information on the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, contact Bruce Bolger at 914-591-7600, ext. 230; email 
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