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ISO 30414 JetRuby CHRO: Any Organization Can Benefit from Certification

This Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube show features a case study on the JetRuby ISO 30414 conforming human capital report featuring an interview with the company’s Chief Human Resources Officer and David Simmonds, the first ISO 30414 certified auditor/implementer in the United Kingdom.
The show addresses some common misconceptions about ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting are addressed in this Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube Show featuring: Svetlana Gorykushkina, Chief Human Resources Officer for JetRuby, an international application development company that is the first to publish a human capital report consistent with ISO 30414 standards and verified by an independent auditor certified in the standard, and David Simmonds, Chairman, HCM Metrics, member of the Freeman-Guild of HR Professionals in the United Kingdom, and the first UK certified practitioner in ISO 30414 Human Capital Management.
Click here to access the human capital report. Click here to view and/or the EEA YouTube program.
Here is a summary of key points:
• The ISO 30414 Human Capital standards provide a business case for human resources that is critical if the human resources profession wishes to have a seat at the C-suite table.
• It appears that one reason the human resources profession worldwide continues to resist the ISO Human Capital analytics and standards is because many went into human resources specifically because they don’t like the numbers and financial aspects of business.
• The primary reason for embarking on the use of standards is to enhance business efficiency, stakeholder experiences, and financial results, not to comply with government regulations.
• Using an international standard such as ISO, which is widely followed in many industries, makes sense for companies that have many international customers, and because it tracks both methodologies and metrics in a way that can be compared from year to year for performance improvement purposes.
• Any size company can with reasonable ease develop almost all the human capital metrics guidelines in the standard within months; there is no basis for any company to complain that creating these metrics presents a costly endeavor, especially because a failure to track such measures is evidence of sub-standard people management practices.
• It pays to use the outside expertise of an expert in human capital management and/or the ISO 30414 written report and metrics, but that cannot be the same company as the individual or company that audits the report. To avoid conflict of interest, auditors are permitted to do no more than a pre-audit and make general recommendations on ways or resources to address gaps.
• Based on about six months of experience with the certification, it has had a positive effect on customers and prospects.
• While the certification cannot be traced to specific sale, the process led to the development of an application companies can use to easily manage the ISO metrics once they are established within the company.
Speaker Contacts
Svetlana Goryushkinia
CHRO, JetRuby
David Simmonds
Chairman, HCM Metrics,  Freeman-Guild of HR Professionals in the United Kingdom
Bruce Bolger
Founder, Enterprise Engagement Alliance

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