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CDs Deliver Packard Bell's Message

Developing relationships with retail salespeople who recommend and sell computers was a primary goal for Packard Bell as it worked to protect its leadership position. B. Little & Co. was hired to create a promotion aimed at building relationships with salespeople and imparting knowledge about improvements in product service. In addition, the firm was to develop a vehicle that demonstrated how Packard Bell stood apart from others in the field. The promotion, known as "Home Delivery," featured CDs sent to every salesperson's home, using a mailing list created by visiting 1,000 retail locations. CDs included music videos, movie trailers, animation, and key Packard Bell messages. Each CD was packaged to resemble home-delivered, take-out food containers. A pizza-themed CD was mailed in June, followed by a chicken bucket in September and a Chinese take-out in November.
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