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Jelly Belly Brokers Acquire a Taste for Travel

Eight years ago, the $100 million candy company launched a biennial cruise incentive program, which has generated consistent sales increases and helped build a unified sales force. Each cruise is developed through a cooperative effort by Goelitz's sales management and marketing teams. The company's regional managers then introduce the programs and keep excitement building throughout the year. Each quarter, regional managers send their brokers a different piece of cruise-inspired merchandise, along with a reminder to reach their sales target. One package, for example, included a beach towel, a pail and shovel, and a note reminding brokers to "dig in." At the end of the sales cycle, eligible brokers received a Land's End flight bag embroidered with the Jelly Belly logo and a special note congratulating the broker and providing final details on the vacation. Qualifying brokers then join their teammates and guests on a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. Past trips have included seven-day cruises to the Western Mediterranean, Alaska, and the Caribbean.
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