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Adelphia had grown substantially through acquisition over the last few years and, with that, the company acquired a number of different compensation and incentive plans along the way. It was found that sales were reported differently, as well. Adelphia wanted to unify their culture and at the same time motivate a diverse group of salespeople to achieve company goals. As a part of that effort, an organization-wide incentive program was implemented for customer sales and service representatives responsible for cable and telephone services (Digital and PowerLink products). This target audience, primarily men and women in their 20's and 30's, was located in large and small call centers around the country. The company created the Adelphia Ka-ching Debit Card, a universally accepted Visa card that was funded at the end of each month with cash. The program, aptly named "Ka-ching", was introduced with a video that featured the company founders and owners and several celebrities from VH-1 and The TV Food Network screaming "Ka-ching" with the sound of the cash register in the background. Participants earned cash that was loaded onto a debit card each month, as a reward for selling premium channels and other products. Additionally, each month, the Adelphia president conducted a sweepstakes drawing for merchandise and travel awards and a grand prize of a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Participants earned entries for the drawings based on their performance at or above goal each month: the higher the performance level, the greater the number of entries. The program was promoted via a custom Web site and monthly performance statements.
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