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Mohawk Rocks

Territory managers received product guides that highlighted the features and benefits of the Stainmaster Carpets. Participants qualified for four levels of awards based on sales performance, and were also registered for three different sweepstakes. Daily sweepstakes featured electronic items which reinforced the entertainment theme. Weekly sweepstakes featured the choice of unique travel and merchandise awards including a first-class trip to New York with Broadway tickets, a visit to the world-renowned Chicago House of Blues hotel and club, or for the less travel-inclined, a Wurlitzer Jukebox. The grand prize in the Platinum Sweepstakes was a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Additionally, each participant was able to apply credits for their sales toward program-themed merchandise which included a customized CD case, certificates for Sony CDs, a denim jacket with the "Mohawk Rocks" logo, and a "House of Blues" CD collection. To keep excitement high throughout the promotion and encourage participation, a daily sweepstakes winner was randomly selected every day from the previous day's sales entries. Also, key to the program's success was keeping the sales entry process simple for the participants. To register a sale, independent retailers simply called the 800 numbers and entered their mill order number. Within 24 hours this number was "validated" and yardage credit accumulated in their account. It was simple, accurate, and paperless.
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