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Scratch-Off Cards Motivate 7,000 Bank Employees

The "BB&T Birthday Bash Deposit Campaign," a two-month contest using merchandise and travel premiums, was designed to motivate 7,000 Branch Banking & Trust employees to achieve record sales in celebration of the company's milestone anniversary. The goal was to raise $250 million in all deposit accounts, a target that did not include IRA's and CDs. The key to the campaign's success was creating enthusiasm among the 7,000 employees located in 440 branch offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Distribution of scratch-off cards marked the beginning of the campaign. Each participant had a one-in-two chance of winning an instant prize. Employees received a new scratch-off card each week of the campaign when branch goals were met. Higher-end prizes included Sony electronic products, while lower cost prizes included such things as phone cards. Since there was a predetermined number of winners, product could be warehoused and shipped immediately to the winners.
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