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MODIS Program Gives Sales Stars "Celebrity" Status

Eligible participants in the MODIS program included Business Development Managers (BDMs), Regional Development Managers (RDMs) and Managing Directors (MDs) in the US and Canada. The BDMs and RDMs who earned the 2007 Modis Circle of Excellence distinction generated $550,000 or more in new starts gross margin dollars. The RMDs and BDMs who generated more than $1 million in new starts gross margin dollars in 2007 received an extra night stay at the beginning of the trip. The winning MDs met or exceeded their 2007 budgets in two out of three categories: Revenue; Gross Profit Dollars; and NIFO.
In addition they had to have at least one BDM or RDM from their branch qualify for the Modis Circle of Excellence award. Managing Directors that exceeded their budgets in all categories by the largest percentage earned additional incentives.
The Modis top performers group historically includes young energetic employees who are interested in expanding their peer networks. The 2007 qualifier audience was 60% male and 40% female between the ages of 25- 40, mostly single. The participants in the 2006 Circle of Excellence program had such a memorable experience they wanted to return to the same destination the following year – The Breakers of Palm Beach, Florida. The program planners were challenged to create a fresh and exciting event using the same venue. The decision was made to make the participants feel like celebrities and the theme ”Starring You at The Breakers” was born. The theme was used in all print collateral announcing the program and in all program events, reinforcing the fact Modis recognized their Circle of Excellence participants as the “best of the best.” Throughout the year, motivational emails were sent to the participants alerting them to their standings to date and offering words of encouragement. The home page of the registration Web site said it best . . .
And the Oscar Goes to . . . This year, you have produced a higher percentage of business than a vast majority of your colleagues, directed new employees to your clients, written contracts that bettered people’s lives and acted professionally and positively. You are our star and as such, we invite you to baskin the glory of your success in Palm Beach Florida . . . then playground of the rich and famous.”
The “Celebrity” theme was woven into every detail of the experience including the program announcement, pre-trip documents, onsite Welcome packet, in-room gifts, and post-trip communications. As an example, each participant received a Circle of Excellence 2007 Yearbook designed as a playbill. Each attendee was pictured and key facts about their work with Modis, favorite hobbies, etc. were included. And, of course, space was included for autographs.
The program included a mix of individual and group activities. To encourage teambuilding, all attendees participated in a scavenger hunt. A beach volleyball tournament and basketball tournament with Modis’s president, Jack Cullen also encouraged camaraderie between players and spectators, alike. The evening events reinforced the celebrity theme; the final party was a costume ball and prizes were awarded for the best outfits. The “celebrity” guests paraded down a red carpet complete with paparazzi and were interviewed by a sassy Joan Rivers look-alike.
The timing of the program was ideal. The trip took place at the beginning of second quarter, allowing participants to reflect on their first quarter achievements and giving them time to exceed second quarter quotas to earn a spot in the Circle of Excellence the following year. As they shared their “Starring You at the Breakers” experience with colleagues, they motivated them to earn a spot in the Circle of Excellence, as well.
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