webinar by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) looks at the cost to companies of workers who are disengaged, the return on value they can earn by engaging their work force, and the necessary steps leaders have to take to get things started. " />
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Webinar Addresses How Leaders Can Support Engagement

Is there a payoff to a company’s employee engagement efforts? Can companies expect a return on their investment in efforts to engage employees in their work, with their companies, and with their company’s mission? There is and they can. A recent webinar sponsored by the Human Capital Institute and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance provided a close look at both the cost to companies of workers who are disengaged, and the return on value they can earn by engaging their work force. The event featured Rodger Stotz, chief research officer of the Incentive Research Foundation, and Jim Dittman, president of Dittman Incentive Marketing. Their topic: “Return on Value by Engaging Talent: What Leaders Can Do.”

The economics of talent engagement are widely accepted; however the investment begins with how leaders engage their teams. When leaders shift their mindset from ROI to Return on Value, they energize innovation, collaboration and discretionary effort. The investment leaders make to create highly productive teams can be low (when they know what behaviors make the most impact), but the value is high. The webcast focuses on the economic reasons to engage talent and goes beyond leaders who believe in ROI, to what leaders can do to create value from talent engagement. The speakers offer examples of leaders and organizations that excel at engagement and insight into achieving high levels of engagement in your own organization.

Specifically, Stotz and Dittman say, organizational leaders can support their company’s engagement efforts and boost their bottom lines, by: • Understanding the cost of disengagement. • Looking for a Return on Value beyond the strictly financial. • Developing employee performance measures and incentives. • Training and recognizing employees. • Making a top-down commitment to engagement. • And making that top-down commitment permanent.

Interested in learning more? Click here to visit the Human Capital Institute Incentives and Engagement Practice Area website. Or click here to download a recording of the "Return on Value by Engaging Talent" webinar.

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