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EEA Expo Proves to Be a Big Success

The first annual Enterprise Engagement Alliance Networking Expo & Conference, a synergistic blend of education, exhibits and events held in June, was roundly praised by attendees and participants alike as an unqualified, first-of-its-kind success.

"Our goals were to create a valuable experience for all concerned by defining the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement, provide education sessions that addressed its key components, lay the groundwork for a formal curriculum and certification, and test a new type of show concept that consists of conversation centers and networking opportunities instead of booths," notes Bruce Bolger, president of Selling Communications, Inc., one of the event's main sponsors. "We hoped to create a model for a new type of event."

What made the EEA Networking Expo so unique among conferences and trade shows was that it brought together a number of cutting-edge concepts in seminar content, exhibit design, scheduling, and environment that reflected the same holistic, "enterprise-wide" approach the EEA takes to engagement a broad-based, comprehensive view of people, performance and profitability and how they work together to affect corporations in a positive way.

Dates for the 2011 event have just been announced. The 2nd Annual EEA Networking Expo & Conference will take place June 15-16, and is slated for the Doral Arrowwood. Program content from this year's event will be used to develop a formal Engagement Curriculum for Certification and Continuous Learning that will be released at the 2011 event. .

For information on the event as it becomes available, please go to or 914-591-7600, ext. 230.

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