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Leading Firms Stake Positions as Full-Service Engagement Agencies

JWT INSIDE and EGR International recently aligned themselves with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, pursuing the role of Full Service Engagement Agencies. EGR, a 41-year-old integrated marketing firm, hopes that many more qualified agencies will join them in embracing this new approach to marketing and management.

Since its founding in 1970, EGR has helped Fortune 500 companies maximize their marketing and organizational performance by enhancing relationships with the people most critical to their business. The idea for branding EGR as a Full-Service Engagement Agency came in part from its involvement in the formation of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, as well as from client requests for help in identifying the best way to build winning relationships with key constituencies that may or may not include traditional marketing tools. “When someone asks what we do, responding that we’re a marketing, promotion, incentive or meetings management company doesn’t really say it all, but Engagement Agency does,” says EGR President Jeff Grisamore. “We help our clients engage the people most critical to their organization – resulting in a way of doing business that makes more sense in today’s customer-focused economy.”

JWT INSIDE, the employee communications and marketing arm of JWT, the largest advertising agency in the U.S., believes there is a strategic link between an organization’s external and internal brand and making that connection enables a company to consistently deliver and enhance its brand promises, and, ultimately, the business outcome. According to Rob Quish, JWT INSIDE CEO, “We are at the onset of a big opportunity to intersect insights and craft tight communication strategies to change understanding, attitudes and behaviors. As smart companies are beginning to realize that engagement is a primary driver of business success, they need a unique form of agency that can help them make the connection between the brand promises and the communications and involvement of all organizational stakeholders to make sure those promises get delivered.”

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