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New Research Examines Behaviors that Drive Engagement

The extent to which managers provide guidance, feedback and the appropriate level of autonomy for staff is key to whether employees go the extra mile for their organization, suggests new research for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Ben Willmott, CIPD Senior Public Policy Adviser, says that the central role of managers in boosting individual and organizational performance is well recognized, but managers need more specific, tried-and-tested guidance on what they can do on a day-to-day basis to fulfill this key role. Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Director of Affinity Health at Work, the consulting firm that conducted the study, says she hopes this research will help employers and HR practitioners support managers in enhancing employee engagement. “The framework – and particularly the specific behavioral indicators – can help managers understand what they need to do. They can be used in learning and development, performance appraisal and even assessment and selection to ensure that those with people management responsibilities behave in ways that will best engage those they manage.” For more information, go to

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