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EEA Will Present Curriculum at Two Marcus Evans Events

Marcus Evans will incorporate a new program on engagement for organizations looking to make the link between internal engagement and an enterprise-wide approach. This program will include a combination of lectures, case studies and interactive exercises covering all areas of engagement, including: ∑ In-depth information on the economics and science of enterprise engagement and critical measurement and assessment tools. ∑ The interrelationships of critical audiences; breaking down organizational silos to profit from alignment. ∑ The interaction of critical strategies and tactics; leadership, goal-setting, learning, communications, assessments, and measurement. ∑ An introduction to the Enterprise Engagement best practices assessment tool to help you conduct a gap analysis to score your organizationís engagement practices against best practices. Two upcoming Marcus Evans event will showcase this new curriculum, developed over a two-year period with input from over 60 executives from dozens of leading corporations and suppliers of engagement products and services, based on dozens of research studies on all aspects of engagement:

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