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The Importance of Narrative in Engagement

Leaders need to be natural storytellers if they are to engage their employees in change, writes Erica Sosna, European Leadership Consultant and Coach, on the BlessingWhite website. During periods of change and evolution, stories can be a powerful tool to help individuals within the business to adapt. In Leading Out Loud, based on the work of Terry Pearce, leaders are urged to articulate the what, the why and the how – sharing their vision in empowering and exciting ways, using the power of metaphor to engage their audience. In addition, they’re taught to overcome resistance by acknowledging the challenges, the opposite view, the effort it will take and the detail that will be involved in delivering on the vision – so colleagues aren’ot left to determine how policy will work in practice. Stories – about where we have been, of the battles, of the highs and lows, of the journey to the present day – help leaders to set a powerful context for the reasons behind a change in process, practice or personnel. In addition, they set a firm foundation for building a compelling vision for the future. Read the full article at

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