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Does Engagement Scale Well?

Paul Hebert, VP, Solutions Design at Symbolist, notes in the current issue of Engagement Strategies Magazine that scale is the holy grail of today’s business world. Scale is all about getting more and spending less to get it. Even the engagement space isn’t immune to the desire for scale. The last 10 years or so has seen a huge uptick in the number and type of SaaS products all designed to create a “write once – run everywhere” experience for clients. The problem is that we’ve invested a lot of time and treasure into creating scalable systems to impact engagement. And it isn’t working. It isn’t working because scaling a process, or product, is a play for efficiency. We want to increase the ability to engage – without a corresponding increase in cost. We want the same benefits in our engagement efforts as we see when we add additional people in our email systems. But engagement doesn’t scale well. It doesn’t scale because at it’s not a technology issue. It’s a human issue. Read more > 
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