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‘Motivation Europe Live’ Illustrates the Impact of Engagement

The globalization of the rewards marketplace and the impact of the engagement movement on the rewards & recognition business were on display at Motivation Europe Live, held April 22-23 in London. Produced by the U.K.’s Incentive and Recognition magazine, the expo had about 50 exhibitors. Education consisted of presentations by leading figures in British business and athletics, as well as management from various solution providers exhibiting at the event. Many of the North American incentive and recognition companies were there, including Achievers, B.I., O.C. Tanner and Kudos, as well as about a half-dozen U.K.-based incentive and recognition companies. The remainder of exhibitors consisted mainly of suppliers of benefits, learning, rewards, technology and gift cards, including Amazon, NGC and leading British retail brands. One readily apparent conclusion is that North American companies aren’t the only ones in the worldwide game. In addition to the aforementioned companies, we also saw Edenred and Sodexo, French-based incentive, benefits and recognition companies with operations throughout many parts of the world, including the U.S., along with Amilon, an Italian-based digital awards supplier that is exploring the U.K. market. Judging from exhibitors at the expo, the major brands in Britain are not actively involved in direct sales to the corporate marketplace, as is the case in the U.S. However, the major retailers clearly have a presence through their gift card businesses, either directly (as with B&Q, a major home improvement retailer) or through companies such as SVM or NGC, both of which represent multiple gift card providers.

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