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Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 3rd Edition

Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 3rd Edition has been completely updated with new information, illustrations and new chapters. Authored and edited by dozens of experts in general management, marketing, sales, data management, business and academia, the Textbook’s methodology has been endorsed by leading companies as a means of achieving both strategic and tactical organizational goals related to sales, marketing, human resources, vendor management, and community relations. A proven strategy to:
  • Increase long-term profitability
  • Maximize customer loyalty and referrals
  • Capture the commitment of dealers, agents and distributors
  • Increase sales and improve customer service
  • Maximize quality, productivity, quality and wellness
  • Foster greater prosperity through a focus on people 
Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 3rd Edition also provides formal preparation for the Enterprise Engagement Certification program. To order a copy, click here.
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