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Survey: Gamification Improves Work Experience for 91% of Employees

Gamification form Badgeville has released the results of an independent survey of over 500 business workers, ranging from entry-level employees to C-level executives, looking at the success of gamification across U.S. organizations. The results: 78% of workers are utilizing games-based motivation at work and nearly all (91%) say these systems improve their work experience by increasing engagement, awareness and productivity. The survey also found that only 31% of employees are most motivated by monetary awards or increased salary. The other 69% are motivated more by performing well, feeling personal job satisfaction, receiving recognition on the job, gaining the support of their colleagues and having advanced learning opportunities. Not surprisingly, younger generations have greater expectations for their workplaces to utilize gamification as a motivational solution. In fact, nearly three-quarters of survey respondents aged 22-35 years say gamification should be expected in a modern organization, whereas a little over half of thiose aged 36-55 years share the same outlook. Across all generations, 72% believe that putting gamification solutions in place would inspire them to work harder. To learn more, go to

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