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Webinar: Stay Interviews – Humanizing Your Workplace - Wednesday, August 26, 3pm EDT

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There are tons of great “stay interview” questions managers can use. But many are reluctant to ask the kind of direct questions that yield the most truthful responses.

And that’s harming your business.

Such fears are fiction, says Engagement Guru and EEA Social Media Editor Paul Hebert. Stay interviews are actually your best defense against employees jumping ship and the agonizing and expensive process of recruiting new talent to replace them. The most proactive approach to a good work environment is finding out what employees want while they’re still there, rather than during their exit interview after they’ve already decided to leave.

This August 26th webinar will resonate with anyone who’s interested in learning about the psychology of engagement as it relates to how much/how often we actually have human conversations. Even with all the communications technology we have at our disposal, the need to have conversations and one-on-one discussions in person on a regular basis remain the critical building block of engagement.

Join Paul in this fascinating and essential discussion of one of the most important issues facing managers today. This webinar will teach you:

  • The most current issues around retention and turnover
  • The most common ways companies are impacting turnover
  • A working knowledge of the Stay Interview- definition and structure
  • Psychological science that makes stay interviews a critical part of the managerial toolkit
  • An example of stay interview structure
  • Pro tips on how to do a great stay interview and what to be on the lookout for.

[click here for pricing and registration info]

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