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ITA Group Unveils 'Motivology' - Designed to Maximize Performance

Global engagement solutions firm ITA Group recently announced the debut of Motivology, its exclusive brand of motivation. With Millennials projected to make up half the labor force by 2020 and even larger Generation Z on their heels, the challenges of motivating an already dynamic, diverse workforce continue to grow in complexity. That’s where Motivology – defined as the strategic, intentional blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators – offers a new perspective and approach for ITA Group’s clients and their customers, channel partners, sales teams and employees. Jane Sarles Larson, Resource Manager, Marketing Strategy, for ITA Group, notes that Motivology “provides a framework for identifying and balancing the internal and external motivators needed to move a defined audience.” When paired with ITA Group’s 50+ years of industry experience and woven through the organization’s three-phase approach to solution design, the company says Motivology is the “defining element for its formula that maximizes business impact and value.” For more information on Motivology and ITA Group, visit

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