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TTNLearning's Name Change Reflects Growth of Enterprise Approach to Training

Brainier is the new name for TTNLearning, an enterprise learning management company owned by engagement leader BI Worldwide. The name change reflects major changes in the learning marketplace to focus on providing organizations state-of-the-art enterprise-wide learning management solutions, said Jerry Cox, President, in a recent interview. 
The move to providing enterprise-wide solutions mirrors the trend of enterprise-wide engagement because, as Cox explained, today’s clients seek integrated learning solutions that enable them to customize training for all the different groups critical to an organization on a single platform. 
The company’s completely new Elan training platform is specifically designed to enable companies to set up specialized training for each part of its organization on a single platform, explains Cox, and to take advantage of a new XAPI standard that enables Elan to connect to other types of learning features through a single log-in. “This isn’t something we bolted on to an old platform. We started from the ground up with a new database structure that would enable us to provide highly targeted training for organizations on a single platform.”
As a result, one person can be involved with multiple training programs based on his or her role with the organization, with all of the learning modules housed on the same platform for more effective integration and measurement. Cox noted that the training field has radically changed since the company was formed about 15 years ago. “We started serving specific departments and more narrowly on sales training, and then leadership training,” he said. “As the market evolved, we’re now dealing with employees, other associates, distributors, retail outlets, etc. We’re in effect teaching everyone in an organization how they can grow and help the organization grow.”
As a result of the company’s broad offerings, Cox says it does business with management in all areas of business, and that while it has customers with as few as 500 employees, the average size client has about 5,000 employees. Among his firm’s clients are companies such as BI that provide different types of solutions to their clients, including learning platforms when needed. 

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