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Nov. 17, 1 pm: EEA Webinar Outlines Impact of Engagement Movement

“Profit From Engagement” is a 45-minute webinar outlining major developments in this emerging field and the impact on business. Enterprise engagement is creating significant opportunities for general management at all types of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to improve performance, as well as for the providers of management consulting, marketing and human resources services and products that support them.
The webinar will be held at 1 pm Eastern time on Thursday, Nov. 17 and is produced by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at It is designed to provide management a clear overview of this emerging business field, the economics involved and a formal framework organizations can apply to profit from engagement. It’s also designed for providers of services in branding, leadership training, recruiting, assessment, communications, learning, innovation, gamification, rewards & recognition, analytics and other areas of engagement. 

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Presented by Allan Schweyer, EEA chairman, and EEA Founder Bruce Bolger, the webinar will cover:
  • Enterprise Engagement – Beyond the Buzzwords. What’s the difference between a strategic engagement program and engagement tactics?
  • Key Drivers of Growth. What is the impact of social media, analytics, the investor community and the International Standardization Organization on the market?
  • The Market Opportunity. How large and mature is this business?
  • The Major Market Categories. What types of products and services is the marketplace composed of?
  • How do Organizations Profit from Engagement?
  • How do Solution Providers Profit from Engagement?
  • Overview of EEA Programs. Outreach, curriculum and certification programs that help organizations profit from Engagement.  
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