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Leadership Guru Kevin Eikenberry Features Podcast on Enterprise Engagement

As part of a series of podcasts he produces on leadership and management, consultant Kevin Eikenberry recently featured the topic of Enterprise Engagement because, he says, “of its compelling economics and the ability for every business leader to make a difference.”

Eikenberry is a well-known leadership expert, a two-time bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach. He was recently featured in ESM’s Engagement Radio series hosted by Paul Hebert, offering his take on leadership and the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement.

In the podcast program, Enterprise Engagement Alliance founder Bruce Bolger answers Eikenberry’s questions about Enterprise Engagement, including the definition, economics, roadmap, challenges, career opportunities and more.

Eikenberry also highlights the economics of Enterprise Engagement, as demonstrated in part by the EEA’s Engaged Company Stock Index, and the increased interest by investors in the topic. Two other aspects intrigue him: “I don’t care where you sit, you can have an impact on this for your team,” he says. “However big or small your team, these are principles any manager and company can benefit from. We talk about creating centers of excellence. We each can create around us a center of engagement, where in our team we are doing things exceptionally well, with a common purpose on how we engage with customers and employees.” Another key take-away, says Eikenberry, is that “it’s not just employee engagement. To think about engagement more broadly is an exciting idea that we can all begin to work on.”

Eikenberry’s company provides leadership and learning consulting services. Services include speaking, training, consulting and coaching for companies seeking a systematic approach to fostering leadership skills across the organization. His company helps both organizations and other trainers, consultants, and coaches build more successful businesses by understanding the power of investing in the potential of people, encouraging continuous learning, and working hard to tie learning goals to business objectives.

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