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Rideau Adds Gostick and Elton to Workforce Solutions Offerings

Rideau Inc. recently announced that it is licensing content from two of the industry’s top workforce thought leaders and culture improvement experts, Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. The new agreement will allow Rideau to license and incorporate the duo’s heavily researched and widely respected work into the company’s existing leadership training and educational materials. “We are very proud to add this new dimension of thought leadership to our Rideau family of services and solutions,” says Rideau’s CEO, Peter W. Hart. “Adrian and Chester’s expertise in workforce motivation and engagement is second to none in the industry and we are extremely excited to work with them.” The announcement of Gostick and Elton’s work with Rideau coincides with the company’s rebranding and launch of their consumer website. To help kick off the new joint venture, Rideau will be hosting a series of meetings featuring Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton in various cities across North America. More info at

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