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Transforming Engagement from Buzzword to Reality

Engagement is a formal business strategy, not another marketing buzzword. Now that ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, has approved the process to create formal guidelines for engagement and a growing number of investors are demanding public companies disclose their engagement investments and results, the 2017 Engagement University & Expo offers the perfect opportunity for you and your organization to learn how to implement a formal six-sigma approach to engagement across the enterprise and stay ahead of the competition.
Engagement requires an understanding of the myriad leadership, assessment, training, communication, innovation, rewards & recognition and other skills involved with achieving the best results. Engagement U., scheduled for April 18-19, 2017 at the Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, is your chance to learn how to develop formal, measurable engagement programs to achieve key sales, marketing, human resources, and other goals.
Sessions like these covering the key levers of engagement will supply you with critical analysis and action steps:
  • Integrated Communication to Unify the Organization. Today’s organization is often a far-flung community of people working in the office, at home, or at different units. We will discuss how technology and other strategies can make it easier to build a strong, better informed and more cohesive community through effective multi-media communications, and talk about emerging engagement portal technologies and other ways to centralize and align engagement across the organization.
  • Innovation Strategies that Foster Task Value and Customer Loyalty. Innovation strategies are among the most effective way to foster task value among employees and an emotional connection with customers. This session will share the latest best practices on innovation program design and implementation to not only continually crowd-source new ideas and identify potential disrupters, but also build a closer bond with your people.
  • The Analytics Revolution. This session will demonstrate how analytics can be used to hire better, design better engagement strategies, document ROI of engagement expenditures and make better investment decisions. Speakers will address the data many organizations already have but fail to fully utilize to manage their people.
  • Engagement Business Plan Design. This session will focus specifically on how to create a formal engagement process to achieve specific organizational and other goals. The presentation will demonstrate how engagement principles can be applied both to strategic and tactical goals to achieve measurable results.
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Enterprise Engagement University & Expo is co-located with and includes registration at the Rewards & Recognition Expo and University, April 19-20.
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