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What Are the Hottest Issues in Engagement Today?

Engagement University & Expo, April 18-19 in Chicago, provides both a scientific and experience-based roadmap for identifying the key audiences and levers of engagement that need to be addressed to focus people on the most critical organizational values and goals. This year’s education program covers a number of emerging issues facing executives who deal with engagement on a daily basis. Specific sessions at this year’s Engagement U. event include:
  • Coming ISO Engagement Standards: What This Means to You
  • The Distinction Between Brand, Culture and Engagement, and Why it Matters
  • The View From the C-Suite: Why Engagement is Now
  • Learning and Engagement Best Practices
  • Integrated Communication to Unify the Organization
  • Innovation Strategies that Foster Task Value and Customer Loyalty
  • The Analytics Revolution
  • Engagement Business Plan Design
  • Preparation for Enterprise Engagement Certification
  • The Enterprise Brand—The Convergence of External and Internal Marketing
  • Roundtable Discussions With Experts on Key Engagement Topics
Enterprise Engagement University & Expo is co-located with and includes registration at the Rewards & Recognition Expo and University, April 19-20.
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