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Worktango Launches Real-Time Feedback Tool

Toronto-based Worktango has introduced Worktango Pulse, a real-time employee feedback tool on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Worktango is an engagement software and consulting firm launched by Rob Catalano and Nadir Ebrahim, formerly of Achievers. The software is designed to make it quick and easy for organizations to obtain employee feedback data in an actionable way to help management identify strengths and weaknesses of individual leaders on a real-time basis. The SaaS platform is used to generate anonymous feedback on employee engagement, from pulse surveys to more comprehensive reports, change management, business transformation, leadership feedback, employee onboarding, or any other feedback application, the company notes. Worktango says it uses the IBM Watson Natural Language Undertstanding technology to extract themes and insights from thousands of employee comments. The licenses offers unlimited use based on prices ranging from 25¢ to $2 per user per month, depending on features.
For more information, click here.  Or to request a demo, click here or call 833-22-TANGO. 

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