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Selling Engagement to the Quality Marketplace

Two webinars will cover the potential for engagement solution providers in the quality management marketplace. 
WebinarThe quality marketplace offers huge untapped potential for engagement solution providers who understand ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 standards. Over 1.3 million companies worldwide follow ISO 9001 standards, which include a clause, 7.1.2., on people, and the new ISO 10018 standards and certification designed to flesh out that clause include demand for multiple types of engagement solutions. 
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2 pm ET, Wed., Dec. 20, 2018: Click here to register.
2 pm, Thur., Jan. 4, 2018: Click here to register.
To introduce solution providers to this marketplace, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is sponsoring a webinar hosted by Mike Richman, Publisher of, on how they can profit from this new distribution channel of managers receptive to new ways to engage people in order to help achieve and sustain a culture of quality. 
According to Richman, quality managers have input almost into every part of ISO 9001 certified companies, including marketing, sales and human resources, offering a new distribution channel for suppliers of engagement services. Solutions required to comply both with ISO 9001 and the new ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards include:
  • Leadership, branding and corporate culture
  • Recruitment
  • Assessment
  • Communications
  • Learning
  • Innovation and collaboration
  • Job design
  • Community building
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Analytics 
These fast-paced webinars will cover:
  • The quality marketplace
  • Quality management roles and responsibilities
  • The quality marketplace players
  • The quality marketplace culture
  • How to reach this audience
  • Overview of ISO 10018 certification.

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