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Engaged Company Stock Index Soars on Broad Performance

The continued outstanding performance of the EEA’s Engaged Company Stock Index is based on the broad performance of the companies rather than any outliers.
If you had invested $10,000 in the portfolio of the Engaged Company Stock Index when it launched Oct. 1, 2012, you would have $24,070 today, versus the $20,450 you would have had you invested the same amount in an index of the S&P 500. Not only has the theoretical fund far-outperformed almost every hedge fund, it has done so consistently year after year.
The performance is generally across the board and not due to a few outliers, such as the performance of Apple or the sale of Whole Foods to, according to Dan McMurrer, who manages the fund for McBassi & Co, a leading human capital analytics firm that created the first Good Company Index in 2001 based on companies with high levels of customer, employee, and community engagement evaluated from about a dozen data sources.
The fund is supported by the EEA and through sponsorships from CA Short & Co., Shelby, NC, and EGR International, New York.
McMurrer reports that “The outperformance appears to be occurring broadly across multiple stocks in the portfolio, and is therefore not the result of a small number of one-off events like the Whole Foods acquisition by Amazon (although that did have a small positive effect as well). We’re delighted by the finding that the results are not being driven by just a few companies, as it’s consistent with our belief that companies that focus on being good employers, good sellers, and good members of the community are better positioned to outperform their counterparts in the marketplace and in the stock market itself over the long term.”
He adds, “For example, one of our top performers this year has been Marriott International (up 56% since the ECSI was created.) It is a company which has consistently received good marks as an employer and a seller over the last few years. We view the portfolio’s consistent outperformance since its launch in 2012 as evidence that supports the argument that focusing on people – employees, customers, and communities – is a path to business success.  Investors should be looking for companies that do that, as they’re positioning themselves to outperform their competitors.”
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