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Stakeholder Management News: Nasdaq Software, CFOs and EU CSRD, DEI as a Business

Here’s a roundup of news in the world of stakeholder management. news

Nasdaq offers technology to support ESG reporting...Initiative in Nigeria shows stakeholder capitalism at work...CFOs will have to focus on integrated reporting...HR expert says DEI needs reevaluation...Many consultants still focus mostly on environmental aspects of ESG reporting...Opportunity to test a micro-learning app at no cost.

Nasdaq Markets Software to Help With ESG Reporting
Stakeholder Capitalism at Work
Question for CFOs?  Is the New EU CSRD Disclosure Law an Opportunity?
Josh Bersin: Diversity Programs Become a Political Football: Why This Could Be Positive
KPMG Report Signals Increased Focus on EU CSRD Law by Leading Consultants With Focus on the Environment
Company Offers Free Use of Employee Micro-Learning App in Test Pilot Program

Nasdaq Markets Software to Help With ESG Reporting

Technology will come to the rescue of companies facing what some consider the daunting task of complying with the coming European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Nasdaq is marketing its OneReport technology as a platform for helping organizations feed data to multiple reporting agencies.  

Stakeholder Capitalism at Work

One of the concepts of Stakeholder Capitalism is that addressing social challenges can be profitable as well. The Bill and Linda Gates Foundation have helped fund a software application in Nigeria that speeds payments to employees and independent contractors in a way that is meant to enhance commerce. 

Question for CFOs?  Is the New EU CSRD Disclosure Law an Opportunity?

Writing in The CFO, Malinda McLennan suggests that the answer is yes. “Building integrated reporting practices provides an opportunity for enhanced transparency and, ultimately, better risk-management. In a 2023 commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Workiva, a SaaS company that says it offers the only unified platform for financial reporting, it was found that a composite organization based on interviewed customers using Workiva’s integrated reporting product saw a three-year return on investment of 204%.” Worktiva is another player in the development of software to support ESG and other reporting.

Josh Bersin: Diversity Programs Become a Political Football: Why This Could Be Positive

In a recent article on his company’s web site, the human resources expert argues that the attention being paid to DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) can help start a discussion on how to make these programs more effective. He takes a position similar to an article published recently in ESM, Why the Racial Equity Battle Should Be Fought on Economic Grounds.
He writes, “As we discovered in our study ‘Elevating Equity,’ when DEI stands on an island and feels like a training program pushed by HR, it rarely achieves its goal. No manager wants to be scolded or insulted by accusations that they are biased.”
He continues, “Similarly, while we all have biases based on our own life experiences, when the company imposes strict directives and says things like ‘this hire must be a woman,’ we all feel uncomfortable.”
He concludes: “The real key to diversity and inclusion is not metrics or training: it’s a CEO-level focus on equity, psychological safety, a culture of inclusiveness, and awareness that a diverse team will outperform one that is not. And this is what great companies do. Successful companies define diversity and inclusion as a business strategy. They do not set quotas or push contrived programs that make people uncomfortable. They hire, promote, and pay people fairly – and exemplify a culture of listening, openness, and respect – regardless of race, gender, age, or other factors.”

KPMG Report Signals Increased Focus on EU CSRD Law by Leading Consultants With Focus on the Environment

A new report from KPMG, Preparing the Road to Circular Economy Reporting—Understanding the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) and How They Support CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Repording Directive) Reporting, “offers guidance on how to use the CTI framework to help collect the relevant information and insights that can be used for reporting on the requirement as published in the ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) E5 draft of June 2023, in relation to the CSRD. Although the focus is on ESRS E5, CTI also supports companies on various elements of the other environmental reporting standards ESRS E1-4.”

Company Offers Free Use of Employee Micro-Learning App in Test Pilot Program

UK-based Team Coaching Boutique is looking for companies in the US and UK with 50 or more employees to take part in an online training pilot. The app “allows staff both office and home-based to follow a micro and learning and development journey, learning as a team, but without the need for them to be in the same space at the same time.” The company has “a number of leadership modules that can be accessed by the platform. These journeys are supported by individual and team coaching.”
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The company says it is “looking for companies to test the pilot ‘employee engagement’ module, so it can get feedback for further development. Access to the app and coaching is without charge in exchange for constructive feedback.
Microlearning refers to a type of training in which content is delivered in small, bite-sized units. These units are designed to help learners understand a large volume of content by learning small chunks at one time. A typical microlearning session lasts for about three to seven minutes or more, but can take up to 20 minutes, the company says.

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