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Latest News: Survey on CSRD Compliance, Consumers Suspect Greenwashing, Bart Houlihan Joins Irrational Capital

Bart HoulahanHere’s the latest news in the world of stakeholder management.
Compliance Week:  More Companies Begin Disclosure Journeys
Consumer Survey:  Many Suspect Greenwashing
Bart Houlihan Joins Irrational Capital to Support Human Capital Based Investing

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A survey of compliance executives by Compliance Week finds that more companies are beginning their journeys toward greater disclosure on sustainability...A survey of consumers finds many suspicious of greenwashing...B-Lab pioneer Bart Houlahan joins Irrational Capital, a company that helps investors consider the human capital factor in valuations.

Compliance Week:  More Companies Begin Disclosure Journeys

Climate-related disclosure efforts are amplifying year over year and more organizations widen the scope of the discovery phase, of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journeys, according to this Compliance Week survey based on 332 respondents to its second annual “Inside the Mind of the CCO” survey. Of the respondents, 128 said they must comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed climate-related disclosure rule and/or the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
For 45% of practitioners, both the CSRD and the proposed SEC rules will pertain to their business, according to the respondents. About one-third say only the SEC rules have relevance, while the remaining 21% say only the CSRD will apply.
The study concludes that “by and large companies made strides in their ESG journeys over the past 12 months.”

Consumer Survey:  Many Suspect Greenwashing

“Fully 91% of consumers believe that at least some brands engage in greenwashing – portraying a false impression of environmental marketing claims,” according to survey results released by PicoNext, a company that sells a digital process for verifying sustainability claims. Nonetheless, 71% of consumers in the survey say “that sustainability is important to them when making a purchase decision. Transparency can bridge the gap between brands’ sustainability claims and customer trust, with 67% of consumers saying they’d be more likely to purchase a product with more sustainability information.”
The findings are detailed in “Digital Product Passports: Unlocking Sustainability Transparency,” a survey of 1001 online consumers in the US and Europe “and their attitudes toward sustainability transparency. The survey provides insight into how increased transparency drives consumer attitudes around sustainability marketing, what transparency information customers expect from companies, and the opportunity brands have to connect more deeply with users by making sustainability information readily available through a Digital Product Passport.”
The statement adds: “Our global survey data reveal that increased transparency is key to bridging the gap between what brands are saying about sustainability, and what they are actually doing,” says Dave Dickson, Founder of PicoNext. “By surfacing transparency data using a Digital Product Passport, brands can show the actual impact of their sustainability efforts – resulting in authentic connection with Gen Z and Millennial customers.”

Bart Houlihan Joins Irrational Capital to Support Human Capital Based Investing

Irrational Capital, an investment research firm focused on quantifying the impact of employee motivation and engagement on future equity returns, has announced that Bart Houlahan has joined the firm as Partner. 
Houlahan was featured in an EEA YouTube Show on stakeholder capitalism.  See ESM: Bart Houlahan of B Lab Capitalism Requires a Business Operating System.
Irrational Capital says that it’s “an investment research and development firm that quantifies the impact of the relationship between employees and their employers on potential future equity performance. Through cutting-edge research on expansive and proprietary data sets, Irrational Capital works with partners to provide access to investment strategies offering exposure to the Human Capital Factor, a systematic, quantitative investment factor that links insights into workplace environments to future equity returns.” The Pennsylvania-based company was founded in 2017. Click here for more details.

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