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Two New Maritz White Papers Examine Critical Engagement Issues

Motivation management & research firm Maritz recently released two white papers touching on key areas of engagement. The first, A New Paradigm for Loyalty Marketing: Building Loyalty Along the ‘Earn, Burn, Yearn’ Continuum, notes that just as advertising has evolved to address multiple consumer segments, loyalty marketing’s approach must also adapt to multiple customer personas. Program messages and communication should be tailored and segmented to reach these specific personas, and the value proposition of the rewards needs to appeal to enrolled participants. With this approach, a one-size-fits-all loyalty program instead becomes an authentic customer engagement program that’s based on relevance and relationships. To read the full report, click here. The second white paper, Health and Wellness Incentives: Motivating and Sustaining Program Participation to Improve Health Outcomes, examines Health & Productivity incentive programs designed to help improve the health outcomes and combat rising healthcare costs. The report notes that while their popularity increases, participation rates in such programs remain stagnant. Using incentives and rewards to stimulate member engagement in wellness programs can be highly effective, but only when the program uses the right combination of tools throughout the program’s continuous lifecycle. Maritz advocates a ‘whole-brained’ approach that taps into the areas of the brain that help people engage in and sustain the behaviors they want and need to keep them healthy. Read the full report here.

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