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Adding a New Element to ‘Brand Architecture’

Brand Architecture is an essential process in all marketing, as it provides the framework for establishing an organization’s personality and unique selling proposition. In the old days, companies rarely concerned themselves with the cost of dissatisfied customers, as long as business was growing. Today, with the Internet and social networking, it is easier for companies to measure how their brand is interacting with people and the impact on sales and loyalty, and there is now considerable research validating the connection between customer loyalty, employee engagement and financial results. In essence, engagement requires organizations to add a sixth element to Brand Architecture: People. The most effective Brand Architecture looks beyond the icons, features and positions of an organization to understand how people directly or indirectly interface with customers; how vendors affect employees and customers; how the organization affects the community; and vice versa. Understanding these inter-connections can have profound and lasting effects on the way an organization puts its Brand Architecture into action. To read the complete report, go to:

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