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Survey: Understanding Values is the Key to Engagement

Don McPherson, President and Co-Founder of Minnesota-based Modern Survey, recently noted that when people say they know and understand the organizational values of the company they work for, those people are 51 times more likely to be “Fully Engaged” than people who works at an organization without known values. Why do organizational values mean so much to employee engagement? The fact is that values don’t drive engagement. However, the absence of values makes full engagement almost impossible. This isn’t an anomaly. Twice a year for the last five years, Modern Survey has been asking this same question about values in its study, U.S. Workforce Employee Engagement. Having values in your organization and having employees who live those values is a foundational part of making high levels of employee engagement possible. Without values that are lived and breathed every day, your organization can expect to have average levels of engagement at best. To read the full article, click here.

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