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Engagement Radio: C-Suite Network CEO Thomas White: Breaking Down Silos

C-Suite NetworkThe C-Suite Network at is the first organization we know of in the U.S. designed to bring together executives from across the organization and industries. Rather than focusing on leadership in specific areas of business such as marketing, human resources and finance, or a particular field, the C-Suite Network membership is designed for vice presidents and presidents in all areas of business at companies of $5 million in sales or more, the size at which organizations generally begin to have multiple people in the C-Suite.

With the growing importance of fostering alignment across the organization, C-Suite executives increasingly have to have a grasp of all areas of business and how they can work better together to achieve organizational goals. Since the concept of Enterprise Engagement is all about fostering alignment across the organization, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is working with the C-Suite Network to create an Enterprise Engagement Council that will share useful, relevant information with executives in all areas of business. The EEA will promote membership in the C-Suite Network as well as its activities to advance its mission of building greater cohesion in the C-Suite in general.

This recent Engagement Radio podcast features a Q&A with C–Suite Network CEO Thomas White, conducted by host Paul Hebert.

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  Paul Hebert
  Engagement Strategies social media editor
  Engagement implementation consultant

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