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New Videos Help Managers Understand How to Engage

Divvy Engagement has released a series of free videos to help organizations train managers on how to engage and recognize employees. The new videos are designed to demonstrate how actors can be used to help managers and employees better visualize the types of practices and behaviors that work best to engage and/or succeed in their own work.

The three-part series of videos, each three minutes or under, cover different aspects of engagement and recognition. They follow principles in the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Enterprise Engagement curriculum, which is based on extensive research in the field. Using this concept, organizations can easily create their own videos that help employees visualize how their actions can affect success.

Divvy creates customized videos for clients specific to their own cultures and objectives, which can be hosted on its Divvy engagement portal technology. The videos were developed by The Engagement Agency, produced and directed by film and video producer/director Noah Hutton, and written by Engagement Agency writer Andrew Mazer.

Here’s a summary of the videos and links to each one.

Engaging With Employees

The Value of Formal Recognition

In the Trenches

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