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Brand Engagement 360 Table of Contents for ANA Knowledge Center

The following articles are part of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s sponsorship of an Association of National Advertisers Knowledge Center of Brand Engagement 360, the application of stakeholder management principles to marketing to ensure brand purpose alignment across the organization for more sustainable results. 

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1. Brand Engagement 360—Marketing in the Era of ESG and Stakeholder Capitalism
Brand Engagement 360 is a holistic approach to marketing that makes brand purpose the foundation of any enterprise. Brand Engagement 360 considers the interests of all stakeholders in the creation and delivery of marketing promises on the path to achieving organizational goals. It is based on a 50-year-old business and academic field closer to total quality management and strategic management than to CSR. Click here for the slide deck.

2. ESM at News, How-to, Reference Information, and More
The EEA publishes the only web site and e-newsletter focusing specifically on the implementation of stakeholder management and marketing. Click here to subscribe.

3. New European Corporate Sustainabilty Reporting Rules May Have Broad Impact on US Businesses
The European Union has passed new laws requiring companies doing business in any of its countries or population with more than 250 employees to make very detailed disclosures on how they treat their employees, customers, and communities, and how their supply chain in turn treats its employees. Disclosure will include details down to the level of employee turnover, and are believed by many to potentially have an even greater impact in the US than the EU GDPR privacy rules. Click here to read more.
4. An Introduction to Brand Engagement 360 With a Case Study
Get a snapshot of an emerging stakeholder-focused approach to management and marketing based on over 50 years of work in the academic world of strategic management and in the business world of total quality management. The same principles apply to marketing in the world of ESG and stakeholder capitalism. Included is a case study of the practical application of these principles in marketing by a major healthcare network. Read more.

5. Why Brand Engagement  360 Has Become a Marketing Imperative

This article explains the trends compelling marketers to address the interests of all stakeholders in brand architecture and marketing campaigns. Read more.

6. What Is Stakeholder Capitalism and Why Should You Care
The concept of Stakeholder Capitalism was catapulted into the limelight in 2019 when the Business Roundtable updated its charter of the corporation to include addressing the interests of all stakeholders, but the idea wasn't new. This article provides the only known objective history of a field that goes back to the 1950s. Read more.
7. The Economics of Brand Engagement 360
Brand Engagement 360 goes beyond the concept of purpose as it relates to Corporate Social Responsibility. Brand Engagement 360 is at the heart of strategies to enhance returns for investors and organizations by creating value for customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners and communities. Companies with these strategies consistently outperform their competitors. Read more.
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8. Strategic Brand Purpose Definition
Brand purpose becomes essential to day to day organizational management in the world of Brand Engagement 360, because it aligns the promises being made to all stakeholders. Here’s how to update your brand architecture strategy to make sure you address all stakeholders.
9. The Brand Engagement 360 Gap Analysis Process
A thumbnail analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in the domain of stakeholder engagement can be conducted in privacy in under 90 minutes. Here’s how.
10. Who’s in Charge: The Critical Role of Marketing
Why Brand Engagement 360 is a marketing issue and not just left to HR. In fact, in the best of circumstances, HR, marketing, and even sales all work together toward a common purpose.
11. Brand Engagement 360 Business Plan Development
How to seamlessly create an ROI-based Brand Engagement 360 business plan in a way that takes organizational culture and norms into account. It’s all about making sure you take into consideration the needs and interests of all stakeholders.
12. Implementation
Using basic practices already proven in Total Quality Management in manufacturing, here’s how easy it can be to move to a stakeholder-oriented approach to business planning.
13. Corporate Sustainability Reporting
With public companies in the US now required to file SK 10 reports on their human capital management practices to the extent they consider material to their business, and the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Directive effective in 2024, companies need to consider how they report on stakeholder engagement.

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