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McBassi Analytics Offers Limited-Time Free Access to Engagement Survey

New survey tool enables organizations to measure their most important engagement strengths and weaknesses against a broad benchmark of companies.

McBassi Analytics has introduced an engagement survey platform specifically designed for solution providers seeking to bring more complete solutions to clients. This service is in addition to the recently launched effort to help practitioners of traditional incentive, recognition, loyalty and other programs use the power of analytics to improve results and measurability.

McBassi’s engagement survey is designed to provide these solution providers and their clients with a diagnostics tool they can use on an ongoing basis to design more effective engagement processes by identifying specifically what aspects of leadership, communication, learning, innovation, rewards and recognition need to be addressed to optimize sustainable performance. The survey tool includes a means to benchmark an organization against other organizations using survey results – there are currently more than 100 companies using the platform.

For a limited time, organizations can sign up to use the engagement survey once at no cost. Click here to register.  

McBassi CEO and Co-founder Laurie Bassi says the 38-question survey, which takes five to seven minutes for employees to complete, provides both descriptive and prescriptive/predictive information if used over time. The survey is designed to help organizations gain an understanding of whether or not people are engaged, and if they have the information, capability, work environment and motivation to accomplish organizational goals.

McBassi is a pioneer in engagement. The firm was an early contributor on analytics to the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, producer of the Engaged Company Stock Index, sponsored by the EEA, EGR International and C.A. Short, and the first to rank companies based on the engagement of customers, employees and communities. McBassi is also the creator of the Good Company Index, which rates several hundred public companies based on their employee, customer and community engagement (see

Interested companies can sign up by following these three easy steps:

1. Enroll Online
Click here to enroll online (the process takes 10 minutes or less).  
  • The form collects some basic information about your business (industry, size, growth rate, current challenges, etc.) and is completely confidential.
  • Want to see the questions on the survey before enrolling? Just email for a copy.
  • When? Enroll now!
2. Ask employees to complete the online survey – it’s quick, anonymous, and confidential
Once you enroll, McBassi will email you a unique URL for the employee survey (as well as simple “how to” instructions).
  • You’ll receive a customized Results and Benchmarking report as long as five or more employees respond and responses are received from at least 50% of employees invited to participate.
  • The survey is designed to be quick – it should take no more than 5 to 7 minutes for employees to complete.
  • When? The “free survey window” is open now and will be available for your employees’ input through June 16, 2017.
3. Receive and review your customized Results and Benchmarking report
  • You will receive your free, customized benchmarking report by the end of June
  • Set your priorities using the benchmarking results and recommendations.

Why are you offering a free survey?
This is part of the introduction of a new analytics and survey business for the engagement space created by McBassi, a survey analytics firm. McBassi will use the data anonymously for research and benchmarking purposes. The offer is designed to give organizations a chance to see how they can use assessment tools and analytics to develop better engagement strategies.

Who’s conducting the survey?
McBassi, an industry leader in employee surveys and analysis.

Will my employees’ survey responses be anonymous and confidential?
Yes. The employee survey is 100% anonymous and confidential; it does not require login and asks for no personally identifying information. No one will see individual-level responses except McBassi (not even employers). Further, to ensure respondent anonymity, no summary report will be produced for businesses with fewer than 5 employees completing the survey.

Will my company’s data be kept confidential?
Yes. Only survey provider McBassi will know whether you participated or see your results, benchmarking comparisons, or any other company information.

Other questions?
Feel free to contact us at if you have any additional questions.

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