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First Education and Certification to Support ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management Standards and Best Practices

For the first time, ISO 9001 quality standards require organizations to implement a systematic and comprehensive approach to engaging people in the organizational mission and quality process. Based on ISO Quality Management principles revised in 2012 to focus on the importance of engaging all organizational stakeholders, ISO 9001:2015 for the first time includes several clauses specifically outlining the importance of people and of a systematic approach to engaging every constituent using the appropriate means. To help organizations flesh out these new standards, the Technical Committee 176 created ISO 10018 People Competence and Involvement standards.  

Introducing First ISO 10018 Certification in Quality People Management 

The 1½-day conference, “Enterprise Engagement in Practice,” is produced by the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at the Healthcare Management Institute ( of the University of Texas Medical Branch, and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at ICEE is a new institute that has created the first ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has produced the first formal education program on Enterprise Engagement. The Enterprise Engagement Academy at prepares professionals for the skills they will need to help organizations profit from ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards. 
Registration is now open at
Instructors at the conference include Dr. Ron McKinley and Lee W. Webster, founders of the first ISO working group effort to create ISO human capital standards; Bruce Bolger and Allan Schweyer, creators of the first education program to support Enterprise Engagement; and academic professionals involved with the education program designed to support ISO 9001 and 10018 Quality People Management standards and best practices.
According to Dr. Ron McKinley, co-founder of ICEE and the Healthcare Management Institute that also administers the ISO Technical Committee 260 that is creating standards for human capital management, “The ISO 10018 certification has the potential to do for quality people management what ISO 9001 has accomplished in quality process management—introduce a systematic approach that aligns the various processes and provides a general framework and nomenclature that makes it easier to sustain performance while fostering a positive experience for all stakeholders. ISO 9001 has become a mark of quality management; ISO 10018 has the potential to do the same in a way that is good for the experience of all stakeholders, from customers and distribution partners to employees, vendors, communities and investors.” 

Start the Process of Gaining ISO 10018 Certification

Organizations seeking to profit from these new Quality People Management standards for themselves or their clients can now gain an ISO 10018 Certification from the International Center for Enterprise Engagement, (ICEE). The Enterprise Engagement Alliance learning program and ISO 10018 Certification enable organizations to profit from a systematic approach to human capital management that provides greater and more sustainable performance and a better experience for all stakeholders. 
To obtain ISO 10018 Certification, organizations are required to employ someone with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Advanced Engagement Practitioner (AEP) Certification, which is the only learning and testing program that confirms proficiency in ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management principles and practices. The “Enterprise Engagement in Practice” conference in Galveston, May 7-8 is specifically designed to start organizations and professionals on the path to profiting from ISO certifications and a formal approach to success through people of benefit to all stakeholders.

Agenda Highlights 

The 1½-day program equips quality management and other management in sales, marketing, human resources, operations and finance with the knowledge they need to benefit from a systematic approach to engagement. These practices help organizations achieve both strategic and tactical goals that maximize performance and the experience for all stakeholders, from customers, distribution partners and vendors to employees, communities and investors. 
The new standards and Enterprise Engagement discipline aim to align the interests of all constituents through a systematic approach to culture, leadership, coaching, recruitment, job design, communication, learning, innovation, collaboration, rewards and recognition, analytics and more. 
The program is co-located with Engagement World’s Professional Development Days at, offering education and certification programs on culture and leadership, as well as best practices in recognition, incentive programs and rewards and recognition. Highlights include:
  • The economics of a systematic approach to Enterprise Engagement to achieve key goals.
  • How ISO 9001-certified companies can benefit from a more formal approach to people and achieve the benefits of ISO 10018 certification at the same time.
  • Why ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification will appeal to all stakeholders—customers, employees, distribution partners, vendors, communities, investors, etc.
  • How professionals can gain the expertise and certification to demonstrate proficiency in auditing or developing ISO 9001 7.1.2. and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards. 
Registration is now open at For more information, contact Nick Gazivoda at 914-591-7600, ext. 238 or
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